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  • metric flow meter hose
    How are you sure that it's metric ? Are you looking for a hose barb that will fit the meter?
  • Plant Development and Biotechnology
    Similarly, the closest metric -equivalent fittings Part Vacuum chamber Solenoid valve Interval timer Apparatus positioner Vacuum pump Gas pressure regulator Barbed fitting Tee connector Tubing clamp 13 mm plastic filter holder 0 … … air filter Plastic tubing Helium tank, lab grade Miscellaneous hardware Metal hose clamps 2-prong electrical …
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  • hose fitting - offers from hose fitting manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers
    main product have BSP fitting,NPT fitting,ORFS fitting, METRIC fitting ... [ Related Keywords : hydraulic hose fitting, hydraulic tube fitting, aeroquip hose fitting, sleeve ] [ Related Keywords : Garden Hose Fitting, Poly Hold Brass Fitting, Hosetail Barb Connector, Barb Connector ] .
  • Tube Fittings
    Connects tube to a flexible hose via a barbed tube with a tapered stub and ridges inserted into the hose . … requires the user to select a fitting which is sized using a system of measurement ( Metric or English) that …
  • States > Maine > State > Regulations > 10 - Health and Human Services‚ Department of > 10-144 - Health and Human Services - General‚ Department of ...
    Metric series. Specifications. Polyethylene fusion transition fittings with threads or barbs should not be used to join to high strength hose .
  • CR4 - Thread: Nylon Tubing and Barbed Fittings
    There are many options as far as ID and wall thickness plus metric sizes also available. Re: Nylon Tubing and Barbed Fittings The best way I found to push the hose over the barb is use a little mineral …
  • Sluicing nozzle test report, Volume 1
    Waste simulant screening tests were performed with a water jet at 20 psi using a 0.25 inch brass hose barb at a standoff of 24 inches (96 nozzle diameters). The figures are shown both in English (Figures 4 - 12) and metric (Figures 4A - 12A) units.