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  • Ball Slide Positioner Reduces Setup Time on Centerless Grinders for Medical Guidewires from 10 Minutes to 15 Seconds
    a user-friendly windows interface that has easily identifiable controls on a 17-inch screen. The operator enters profile parameters either in metric or imperial units into a Taper Specifications screen. Another important advance in this machine is a laser gage that makes the grinder a closed-loop
  • Caliper Basics
    . inch or metric units. The dial caliper is a dual-purpose. tool and can make either direct. The versatility of the caliper, along with its range and. or comparative measurements. To. make a comparison, first measure. ease of use, makes it well suited for a multitude of. the reference dimension and set
  • What You Must Know About Calipers
    with a. depth rod built into the instrument’s beam. Modern calipers are of three basic types: be graduated in either inch or metric units. Vernier. This caliper was the original design and is still the. The dial caliper is a dual-purpose instrument and can make. most rugged. The Vernier scale was invented
  • Gage your way to simple QA
    or metric units. The dial caliper is a dual-purpose tool for making either. direct or comparative measurements. Another useful feature of the dial caliper are. jaws that slide past each other to allow contact points or depth rod extensions to. fit into narrow openings for small ID measurements. In the last
  • Inspection 101 - Toolroom Gauging
    . little added cost. These fea-. obtain consistent gauging. caliper, top, is a dual-pur-. tures include simple switch-. force when the dial indica-. pose tool for making. ing between inch and metric. tor is set to zero using a. direct or comparative. units, tolerance indications,. master. They then lock
  • Measurement Techniques for the Inspection of Coiled Spring Pins
    length. Straightness Gage length Straightness Diameter. +/-.005”. Allowance. (max pin diameter plus). Up to 1” inclusive. 1.000”. .007”. 1-2” inclusive. 2.000”. .010”. Over 2”. 3.000”. .013”. Metric Coiled Pin Straightness Specifications. Nominal pin length. Straightness Gage length Straightness
  • Medical Device Link .
    tool and the path it takes while removing material. Surface finishes are generally measured in microinches or micrometers. The conversion factor is 1 mm = 39.37 min. Most desktop measurement devices and many handheld devices are capable of switching between metric and English units. The following
  • Wired 9.06: Atomic Rulers of the World
    of size, weight, speed, temperature, density - and every other metric science can dream up - whereby individuals, companies, and countries communicate. Without standards, manufacturers can't reproduce objects exactly; without standards, trading partners can't agree. "Another," he continues

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