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Parts by Number for MHz RF Filter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RF3501E Digi-Key Murata Electronics North America Filters FILTER SAW 866.1 MHZ
RF3417 Perfect Parts Corporation RF MONOLITHICS INC SAW Filter 1 FUNCTIONS, 315 MHz, SAW FILTER
RF3171 Perfect Parts Corporation RF MONOLITHICS INC SAW Filter 1 FUNCTIONS, 418 MHz, SAW FILTER
RF3210 Perfect Parts Corporation RF MONOLITHICS INC SAW Filter 1 FUNCTIONS, 303.825 MHz, SAW FILTER
RF3181D ASAP Semiconductor RF MONOLITHICSRFM Not Provided 916.5 MHZ SAW FILTER SM3838-8
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  • How to Specify RF & Microwave Filters (.pdf)
    In a classic case of what you don't know can hurt you, design engineers with advanced knowledge of digital electronics are discovering an urgent need to brush up on RF basics when it comes to specifying filters for. wireless devices. Failure to take into account the fundamental aspects of filter
  • Optimize Your RF/MW Coaxial Connections
    connector, with a frequency range of about DC to 300 MHz, was the only coaxial connector in use for RF components and systems. FIG 1 - UHF Male to Female. For many years, the UHF connector provided reliable service for applications through about 300 MHz. (FIG. 1) But with World War II, and emerging
  • Evaluating pHEMT Process Improvements Using Wafer Level RF Tests
    WCDMA band I operation of the. switch where the transmit frequency (TX) is 1,950 MHz and. the receive frequency (RX) is 2,140 MHz. A spurious. signal (blocker) of 1,760 MHz can be received on the. antenna, passed to the RF switch, which can mix with the. 2f0 of the transmit signal and generate
  • A Flexible Family of PXI RF/MW Downconverter Modules (.pdf)
    Path (2.7-26.5 GHz). The RF input can be also. PXI family members. The reference generator circuitry routed through a YIG tuned pre-selector filter (YTF). utilized in the LOM is designed to be immune to external operating from the -12 V PXI chassis supply voltage and has. noise perturbations past
  • Lumped Element (LC) Filters (.pdf)
    . Guidelines for Choosing. RF and Microwave Products. Anatech Electronics, Inc. Second in a series. Lumped Element (LC) Filters. The LC, or lumped element, filter (Figure 1) is perhaps the most common of all. electromagnetic filter types. It takes its name from the inductors and capacitors upon. which
  • Filter Capacitor Comparison
    Overview. RF Technology. SMP Cross Reference Guide. MDCX Electrical Test Report. MDHC Return Loss and Crosstalk. Test Reports. Solderless Filter Qualification. Mechanical Shock Test for Active Electro Optical Cable Assembly. ARINC 801 Qualification. MDCX Electrical. MDHC Return Loss. Transmission
  • Flexible Family of PXI RF/MW Downconverter Modules (Autotestcon'08) (.pdf)
    Bonaventura Drive, San Jose CA 95134. Tel: 408-428-1000. Fax: 408-428-1500. © 2008 Phase Matrix, Inc. Configuration #2. RF IN. RF Distribution. 100 kHz – 26.5 GHz. LO Distribution. 3 – 9 GHz. IF Distribution. D/C – 500 MHz. Digitizer Distribution. D/C – 500 MHz
  • Basic PLL Filters for the rfPIC TM - rfHCS
    the bandwidth too wide. only value the spreadsheet requires is the RF fre-. increases the size of the reference spurs. In most. quency. The application and the governing regulations. cases the default bandwidth of 1 MHz will work well. in the market area will determine this frequency. The. since the data rate

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