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Parts by Number for Micro Fastener Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SMBJ5355B T&R National Microchip MICRO FASTENERS Not Provided Not Provided
ACC TO DRAWING 1301-SBA 903 UEN National Microchip BULTEN MICRO FASTENERS Not Provided Electronic Component
40308598948-1 Carlton-Bates Company MICRO PLASTICS Rivets & Push-Fasteners Ratchet Fasteners Black Nylon
0372230001 Digi-Key Molex Inc Connectors, Interconnects MICRO TUFLOK FASTENER
40308595098-1 Carlton-Bates Company MICRO PLASTICS Rivets & Push-Fasteners Key-Hole Clip Black Nylon
40308598938-1 Carlton-Bates Company MICRO PLASTICS Rivets & Push-Fasteners Key-Hole Clip Nylon
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  • Guide to Vibration-Proof Fasteners
    patch (PFB) as well as the micro encapsulation precoat 80 patch (MVK), designed for thread locking. Fasteners designed specifically to cope with vibration include hex nuts with nylon inserts, jam nuts, lock nuts, slotted hex nuts, tooth lock washers, lock washers and spring washers. Again
  • Fastener Failure Analysis: Preventable Fatigue Failure
    strength was low in comparison to Samples A1 and B2. Micro-Indentation Hardness Testing. Micro-indentation hardness testing at Knoop 500 gf load was performed on bolt transverse cross sections. Hardness was sampled near the surface, mid-radius, and core. The Knoop hardness values were converted
  • From Medical Equipment to Implants, Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability
    in larger OEM systems turn to Spiralock whose. self-locking fasteners are able to withstand micro-vibrations and restrict minor but noticeable. torsional loads. By using the Spiralock self-locking thread form, manufacturers can achieve increased. productivity, durability, more cost-effective
  • Fastener Failure Analysis: Fracture Failure of Countersunk Flat Head Screws Case
    . The fractures were primarily intergranular, which is characteristic of a brittle fracture mechanism. In addition, micro-pores and "grain boundary yawning, "(i.e., intercrystalline subsidiary cracks) were evident throughout the fractures. All of these features are characteristic of hydrogen
  • Failure Analysis: Oil Field Case Study
    strain indications were observed. At higher magnification, the fracture exhibited ductile dimple and micro-void coalescence, which suggested that fracture occurred by stresses simply pulling the fastener apart. See Figure 3. The final fracture area exhibited further evidence of ductile dimples
  • Medical Device Link .
    . In recent years, the microstructural size scale has generally been divided into three ranges: Today, microstructural process output can be monitored using advanced high resolution scanning electron micro-scopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) with resolutions approaching several
  • 3 Approaches to Using High Power Diode Laser to Join Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    ). As we enter the micro age, the new challenge in the. plastics industry is to manufacture and assemble smaller. Laser diodes are similar to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). and smaller parts. Standard joining methods, such as. in the way that they function. Operating in the forward. adhesives
  • Medical Device Link .
    Technology. Originally Published MDT May/June 2008 MANUFACTURING. Fine Welding With Lasers. The need for micro joining metallic alloys for surgical instruments, implants and advanced medical devices is driving a rapid increase in the implementation of laser welding technology in research, development