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  • Renewable Energy Sources and Developing Countries
    Permanent-magnet dc motors driving positive- displacement (rotary or reciprocating) or centrifugal pumps are employed in such systems. Although the cost of solar cells is high at present, it is showing strong signs of coming … Micro hydroelectric systems in the power range of a few kW to one MW are readily available …
  • Design of a brushless micro motor driver for a locomotive endoscopic capsule
    The micro motor used is a micro dc brushless motor SBL04 (4mm diameter) from NAMIKI. … very attractive solution for engineers working in micro technologies and medical field, servo lens and micro pumps . The strong construction allows the operation also in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Freescale - 8-bit MCU optimized for industrial and automotive motor control
    This entry-level 8-bit micro controller (MCU) family provides a safe, accurate and cost-optimized solution for brushless DC (BLDC) motor control applications ranging from industrial drives to automotive fuel pumps . … key in the effort to reduce global energy consumption, and Freescale has a strong legacy of delivering …
  • A magnetic micropump with tri-membrane fully differential structure
    Among those different kinds of micropump, magnetic micropumps have attracted strong interests. … but they dimension the two valving chambers with a smaller depth than central pumping which can cause … In [9], the reported micropump comprises of two PDMS layers, one permanent magnetic disc is deposited on the top layer with microvalves, another layer holding micro -ball valves and actuating chamber … … the shaft of a small DC motor creates the serial membrane …
  • Fabrication and Performance Testing of Disposable Micropump Suitable for Microfluidic Chip
    However, this adhesion property is not strong , so it does not load the DC motor when the motor rotates the microfan. Fig. 4 shows the flow rate of water pumped by the micropump at different rotation speeds of … … is due to that the frictional force between water and the walls of micro channel, and back …
  • Advances in electrokinetics and their applications in micro/nano fluidics
    … provides a new tool to investigate and control the interactions between microtubules and microtubule motors in vitro. Garcı´a-Sa´nchez et al. (2008) experimentally investigated the pumping performance of the traveling wave AC electroosmosis. Ng et al. (2009) reported a novel approach using the AC electroosmosis with DC bias to significantly enhance mixing of two pressure-driven laminar streams flowing in micro channels. Their results revealed that the Faradaic charging produces much stronger vortices than the other two protocols, and …
  • Immunomagnetic nanoscreening of circulating tumor cells with a motion controlled microfluidic system
    Target nanoparticle- labeled CTCs and free nanoparticles experience a smaller magnetic field in the first half of the micro channel and gradually flow to the area with a stronger magnetic field at the other end near the outlet. A standard syringe pump (Harvard apparatus, PHD IW with 6×10 rack) is attached to the outlet of … We developed an automatic rotational microchip holder, which is comprised of DC motors and optical position sensors.
  • Parallel-plate electrostatic actuation with vertical hinges
    However, during dc operation, the actuator was not able to move more than 50 µm. For that reason, there is a need to build a stronger structure, which will resist the normal … … D G J, Elwenspoek M and Fluitmann J H J 1989 A thermo-pneumatic actuation principle for a microminiature pump and other micromechanical devices … … and ordinary side-drive motors Proc. MEMS Workshop (Napa … … Laterally driven polysilicon resonant micro structures Sensors Actuators 20 …
  • Products :: Medical Design Briefs
    High-precision lead screws in combination with DC-micromotors, brushless DC -servomotors or stepper motors make it possible to convert rotational movement into linear stroke or tensile movements. … such as optical filters, glass-fiber technology, lens adjustment in optical systems, or micro actuators for medical … LMV1000G 532nm Green Diode- Pumped Laser Marker … spot diameter is 50 percent smaller, and the energy density is four times stronger than the 1064nm …
  • Formally Verifying Heart Pump Software with SPARK and Echo - Nasa Tech Briefs :: Medical Design Briefs
    The Ada-based SPARK programming language and toolset offer strong guarantees about the behavior of software systems. … of Virginia LifeFlow Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) is a prototype artificial heart pump designed for the … See Figure 1) Magnetic bearings and a brushless DC motor keep the pump’s impeller centered in the pump housing and turning without the need for mechanical bearings or shaft seals. A digital control algorithm running on a Freescale MPC 5554 micro controller provides control of the magnetic …
  • Migration of dendritic cells: physical principles, molecular mechanisms, and functional implications
    Such ion pumps , which can be viewed as a peculiar type of molecular motor that converts chemical energy into water or ion flows, could generate local swelling of the cell through osmotic pressure, thereby driving protrusion (65). … shown to play a critical role in migration of different cells includ- ing DCs and to be … … interaction with the environment has long been thought to be dealt with by strong adhesion complexes such … Based on the data we obtained studying DC migration in micro -channels, we have recently proposed a …
  • Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Sixteenth Edition > MAGNETIC MATERIALS
    Made in the form of rings, blocks, and arcs, ceramic magnets find use in applications for loudspeakers, dc motors , micro wave oven magnetron tubes, traveling wave tubes, holding magnets, chip collectors, and magnetic separator units. Ceramic magnet arcs find wide use in the auto industry in engine coolant pumps , heating-cooling fan … … size (1 to 10 mm), and the powder is then die-compacted in a strong magnetic field.
  • AIAA Aviation > Effect of Solidity on the Generation of Entropy in a Low Reynolds Number Compressor Cascade (AIAA 2013-4416)
    … gas turbine engine research as well.12 A micro-scale engine (i.e., micro -fabricated gas turbine … Thus, there is a strong need to obtain data for turbomachinery blades at the low15,16 Reynolds … This closed return-type facility consists of a settling chamber, a 3½ ft (1.1 m) wide by 6 ft (1.8 m) long test section, a return tank, and an impeller pump driven by a 0.75 hp DC motor .
  • Suppliers
    Bosch claims that the smooth operation of the pump results in lesser overall vehicle vibrations. … to be paired to various safety technologies. additionally, the eSP 9 features a micro pro- cessor design … Usage of motors with rare-earth magnets lead to lesser weight, making the eSP 9 the most … Varroc presently commands a strong presence in the two-wheeler lighting segment in India. with the acquisition … … of one another. the test envi- ronment covers charging by either aC or DC , which eliminates the …
  • Seismic structural control using an electric servomotor active mass driver system
    Once the stroke limit of the actuator is reached during strong earthquakes, the ATMD system could be … Moreover, the peripheral equip- ment such as the hydraulic pump , accumulator and pipelines require additional space. With the rapid and revolutionary progress in power electronics and micro electronics, the commer- cially available AC or DC servomotors nowadays have su cient capacity for industrial applications. The servomotors can be categorized into direct current (DC) motors and alternating current (AC) motors.