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  • Manual Laser Micro-Welding Systems are an Alternative to Traditional GTA Welding!
    technologies is the use of manual laser micro-welding systems as an alternative to traditional microscope GTA welding. Laser is an acronym for "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation." This technology produces a sharply focused beam of hot light that melts a very small area of metal
  • Optimizing the Welding Process (.pdf)
    and. • Fusion Joint. the likely outcome when the parts are. A fusion joint can be formed when both metals are heated to their melting. resistance welded. point and their atoms mix. There are four main types of structural. Many micro-resistance welding challenges involve joining dissimilar. materials: metals
  • Laser Welding Carbon Nanocomposites
    wavelengths, an optical. microscope view of the weld cross-section, and transmission welding experimentation. The transmission welding. experimentation studied the relationship between average power, travel speed, and weld peel strength. A micro-channel. welding experiment was also completed using
  • Fiber Laser Welding of Clear Plastics
    Fiber lasers have now matured into exceptionally reliable and stable industrial tools. These lasers have unique capabilities that enable a wide range of high quality micro-machining processes; of interest here is their ability to produce high quality welds between plastics. Of special concern
  • Laser Welding Plastics Using a Fiber Laser
    is guided along a. reliable and stable industrial tools. These lasers. prearranged welding pattern, melting it locally. have unique capabilities that enable a wide range. The welding volume remains comparatively small. of high quality micro-machining processes; of. due to geometric conditions
  • Suitability of Materials for Pulsed Laser Welding (.pdf)
    , and gold coating thickness should be minimized to 50 micro inches. Aluminum: Welding is limited to certain grades such as 6061 to 4047 or 4032, 1050, 3003 and 5005. High energy levels required to overcome surface reflectivity. Other aluminum alloys should be tested thoroughly for joint design
  • Motion Control Requirements for Hermetic Seam Welding
    Bundgens, covers the entire production chain. Industry News. Devices. Design. Contract Manufacturing. Components. FDA. Materials. Implants. Connectors. Electrical/Electronic. Materials. Micro Laser Sintering Into New Business Enterprise. Initial fields of application identified in the medical
  • New 7500 Series FiberStar Workstations Extend the Capabilities of Fiber Laser Micro-Welding Applications
    demanding manufacturing processes can also benefit from the technology. level of spot size dimensional accuracy provided by. the FiberStar Workstation. a worldwide supplier of laser micro welding, cutting and marking workstations. for industrial applications, premiered it’s first FiberStar laser

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