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    for residuals, its effects are difficult to express mathematically because the rate of microbial lethality is affected by three primary process parameters: EtO concentration, temperature, and relative humidity (RH). Methods of integrating the effects of these factors were lacking until recently, when one
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    for routine release. However, parametric release is not commonplace with EtO sterilization processes, and most routine release testing is performed with commercially available BIs. In addition, commercial BIs are used to establish microbial-lethality relationships in nearly all EtO process validations
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    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Deliberate decision making during the structuring of microbial challenges, product loads, and biological indicators can provide a validation process for EtO sterilization that ensures accuracy, the absence of microbes, and a smooth testing procedure. A companion
  • Water Activity: The Key to Pet Food (.pdf)
    is not a good indicator of. pet food as a function of moisture content and. susceptibility to microbial spoilage. For example,. temperature is essential during processing,. Table 2. Water activities of common pet food products as measured using Measurement of Water. Decagon Devices’ AquaLab chilled
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    indicators such as Bacillus atrophaeus (formerly B. subtilis var. niger) spore preparations. Sterility is generally defined as freedom from viable microorganisms. However, to expect absolute freedom from these entities is unrealistic. Regardless of the method used for killing a microbial population
  • Moisture and Ash Testing in Food Processing
    the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, mineral content is a vital component in a food 's nutrition, quality, and, like water, microbial viability. Arizona Instrument has instruments that reach 600 C, capable of ashing food samples without destroying the minerals within it, and is an integral part
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    and design while others hardly changed at all. Sterilization technologies, having remained unchanged in the physics and chemistry of microbial inactivation, have undergone a different sort of metamorphosis than the medical products they support. In 1980, the primary methods for medical device sterilization
  • The Effects of High Hydrostatic Pressure on Meats (.pdf)
    signs of. spoilage within 40 days. of storage. The quantitative microbial indicators of spoilage such as the levels of aerobic. bacteria (APC), coliform bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and fungi were high in the. non-HPP product compared to the significantly low levels and absence of some. strains

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