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Parts by Number for Micrometer Depth Stop Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
52121   Inspec Inc. Dimensional Gages and Instruments The Starrett 440, 440M, 445, 445M Series Depth Micrometer features a combination ratchet and speeder, ring-type locknut, ratchet stop and locknut.
229-131   Small Parts, Inc. Dimensional Gages and Instruments Mitutoyo 229-131 LCD Depth Micrometer Gauge, Ratchet Stop, 0.00005" Resolution, 0-4" Range, +/-0.00012" Accuracy. Flatness of reference face: 0.00005 " for 2.5 "/1.3 micrometer for 63.5mm width base, 0.00008 " for 4 "/2 µm for 101.6mm width base, flatness of measuring rod...
5C723 Grainger Industrial Supply Mitutoyo America Corporation Dimensional Gages and Instruments Depth Micrometer, Range 0 to 6 Inches, Graduations 0.001 Inch, Ratchet Stop, Base Length 2 1/2 Inches, Number of Rods 6, 0.157 Inch Rod Diameter

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