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...motors, MEMS micromachining techniques are used to produce some of the motor and gearing parts, and more-traditional micromotor technologies are used to solve the assembly, lubrication, and power issues. A brushless dc motor with planetary gearhead in the 2-mm-diam range has many potential applications...

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SY New Low Speed Dental Handpiece Kit from SY Dentistry,...
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Figure 5 exhaust ports brush assembly Figure 8 FOREDOM?...
appropriate size repair to the factory marked "Attention: If the Micromotor Handpiece is used 5. If new brushes were used, run the triangle hole on


XL-S30 Oral Surgery Handpieces
All Electric High Torque / Low Speed (10 - 60,000 rpm) Micromotor Handpiece and Built-in Peristaltic Irrigation System.

Laboratory Handpiece Assemblies
L5M: Laboratory micromotor. Accepts LHP-6 handpiece. Laboratory Handpiece Assemblies These handpiece assemblies are

Portable Dental Equipment Aseptico, Inc.: Electronic Motor...
Powerful 35,000 rpm combined micromotor/handpiece LABMTR Elect 32K W/Cable & 3 Pin Din Plug-replacement micromotor/handpiece
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