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  • Wired 7.05: Fetish
    input comes in live via the CCD and microphone. Then your computer can grab the encoded files through the serial or SCSI ports or with a PC-card reader. If. Wired 7.05: Fetish. Print, email, or fax. this article for free. Fetish. By Paul Spinrad. Mirror Mirror. Shiny things, like the Terminator 2 T-1000
  • Precise Pneumatics Aid Automated Assembly
    Academy. How to plan your PC-based machine vision system. Roadmap for building a machine vision system. Machine vision for use in identifying food defects. Sensors and Vision: Usage and Application Trends. More White Papers ... Toshiba Teli's data sheet on GiantDragon GigE machine vision cameras
  • Development to Deployment Code Instrumentation Architecture (.pdf)
    Many modern instruments feature Personal Computer connectivity. A PC connection allows features that a stand-alone instrument cannot provide, such as data upload/download, improved user-interface for instrument management, instrument automation... etc. Irrespective of the physical aspects
  • Wired 7.09: Fetish
    microphone is the clearest evidence of their sickness. When normal people make studio mikes, they don't manufacture their own screws, coat their own. Wired 7.09: Fetish. Print, email, or fax. this article for free. Fetish. By Paul Spinrad. I, Robot. Before it could change the world, the PC had to say
  • Internet in danger of losing innovation
    Do you think the day will ever come when there will be a program that is capable of putting a stop to all hackers or I should say a quick fix? Nope, no magic bullets, except in the appliance. And that way lies a cauterization of what I think is most valuable about the Net and PC. How do they put
  • Smart Computing Article - Audio Components
    . Your PC may have a different color system or no color-coding at all. 16. Your speaker and microphone plugs may be color coded, too. This can make connecting them easier, but because the standards for color coding aren't very standard, you aren't guaranteed that the plug colors will match up
  • Computer Power User Article - A Bluetooth Bonanza
    does what Anycom says, it might be a five-star combo. Belkin Bluetooth GPS Navigation System (F8T051) Belkin's GPS receiver is about the size of a Hot Wheels car and could not be much simpler. Once you pair your Bluetooth-enabled notebook, Tablet PC, or Pocket PC with the unit (Palm and Mac
  • Smart Computing Article - Never Miss A Meeting
    of transmitter with which to send them. Now, if those television studios were interacting with each other, they would also need some method of receiving the information and playing it out. The same is true with desktop videoconferencing. First, you'll need a PC-ready video camera (often called a "Web cam
  • Sound Steering
    information to allow further diagnosis and treatment if this is necessary. A small, but rather obvious, point is that the data acquisition subsystem and the laptop PC must be very quiet if they are to measure noise. Figure 1a - Example Waterfall. Figure 1b - Example Colour Map. As previously stated, one
  • Computer Power User Article - White Paper: Creative X-Fi
    in the PC, includes microphone input, digital optical inputs and