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Parts by Number for Microprocessor IC Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IC-MICROPROCESSOR;7750 National Microchip 64BIT Not Provided BGA
IC68000P12 PLC Radwell Generic Ic Not Provided IC MICROPROCESSOR
AV80576LH0366M/SLGAB Perfect Parts Corporation INTEL CORP Microprocessor IC,MICROPROCESSOR,64-BIT,BGA,956PIN,PLASTIC
L64801NC-25 Perfect Parts Corporation LSI CORP Microprocessor IC,MICROPROCESSOR,32-BIT,CMOS,PGA,179PIN,PLASTIC
R80C186XL-10 Perfect Parts Corporation INTEL CORP Microprocessor IC,MICROPROCESSOR,16-BIT,CMOS,LLCC,68PIN,CERAMIC
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  • Selecting a Processor Reset IC
    . Selecting a Processor Reset IC AN802. Selecting a Processor Reset IC. Author: Paul Paglia,. VDD. Microchip Technology, Inc. INTRODUCTION. VCC. Microcontroller and microprocessor based systems rely on pro-. cessor supervisory functions to insure stable operation. The most. basic of all
  • Application: Testing IC's Using Reed Relays
    . • Dielectric strength across the contacts 200. volts. • Contacts dynamically tested. • Surface mounted. • Very low profile. • BGAs available. • Rugged thermoset over-molded packaging. • Qual-shield arrangement. Figure 2. Integrated circuit test board showing IC's and reed relays. Applications. Re. R e
  • Methodical Socket Selection Speeds up Time-to-Market for IC Development Projects
    involves evaluating the life and performance of IC devices such as Microprocessors, ASICs, and Chipsets. System level testing involves evaluating the functional application of those devices under different environments. Both kinds of testing need different sets of criteria for validating the final
  • Mixed Mode Silicon-on-Insulator MMIC Technology For Digitally Controlled RF/Microwave Systems (.pdf)
    A high performance mixed mode Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) IC process has been developed. providing the ability to integrate digital, analog, RF and microwave circuitry on the same substrate. Standard functions such as microprocessor bus interface logic and microwave lumped/distributed. circuits
  • Three-Dimensional Microfabrication by Two-Photon Polymerization
    Chip (IC) technology and comprises processes such as photolithography and electron beam lithography.1 By means of IC technology, microprocessors with millions of transistors can be routinely fabricated and launched in enormous numbers of calculations per second. With the increasing complexity
  • Adapters & Sockets for Product Life-Cycle Management - Extending the Life of Your Product
    . Design an application specific. Figure 1 shows a BGA IC soldered to a land socket assembly with male pins al owing the IC. adapter module - matches existing. to be plugged into and out of a Giga-snaP BGA SMT Package Emulator. The assembly can be. upgraded with a new microprocessor or FPGA throughout
  • ESD Suppression Technologies (.pdf)
    Integrated circuits (IC's) and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC's) are manufactured with various levels of ESD protection incorporated into the silicon die itself.This protection circuitry is designed onto the chip to maximize yields in the chip foundry and in the board manufacturing
  • Medical Device Link . Implementing MEMS Technology in Today's Medical Electronics
    of dollars in developing silicon-processing technology to produce low-cost integrated circuits. Applying the resulting technological improvements to sensors has allowed the industry to decrease silicon sensor-element costs in much the same way that it has decreased IC prices. Sensing elements are now