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TKMZ-8TR-D Tequipment.Net OC White Not Provided Meiji Trinocular Zoom Microscope; 10X Eyepieces; 7 - 45x Standard (up to 270X with options); .6x CCD Adapter; New 19' HD Widescreen LCD; 1/2' High Sensitivity Camera; 150 Watt Fiberoptic Dual Point Lightsource (Micro-Lite FL3000-D)

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  • Case Study: Real-Time 3D Cinema under the Microscope
    at Vision consists of a high-performance, primary lens SteREO Discovery.V8 stereomicroscope from Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH. A Prosilica GE1910 high-definition resolution camera from Allied Vision Technologies is mounted on each of the stereo microscope’s two camera adapters. Thanks to their Gigabit
  • Case Study: 3D Quantitative Analysis of Cancer Biosignatures
    of a standard Olympus IX71 microscope fitted with an oil-coupled 100x 1.3 NA objective to collect the pseudo-projection images in high resolution. A 2 Megapixel Prosilica GE1650 CCD camera with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity is mounted directly on the camera adapter port on the left side
  • Medical Device Link .
    workstation, network gateway modules, and industrial camera enclosures. Cognex UK, Milton Keynes, UK. Laboratory microscope An upright compound microscope features infinitely corrected optics with bright field, phase contrast, dark ground, and polarizing contrast options. The instrument is designed
  • Medical Device Link .
    microscope is designed for submicron imaging with a 0.12-µm resolution and accurate 3-D measurement capability. The magnification power ranges from 120 to 14,4003. to accommodate researchers working between the limits of conventional optical and scanning electron microscopes. Microscopy techniques
  • Infrared Viewer Frequently Asked Questions
    inspection. With the addition of a microscope adapter, an IR viewer can be used to. view through the surface of silicon and gallium arsenide wafers. Photo processing. Near-IR viewing devices have become invaluable tools for ensuring. error-free processing of color sensitive photographic materials
  • How to Test Torque Devices With Ease and Precision
    specified range. The Lindstrom Digital Torque TesterTM is an affordable and versatile torque testing machine that can be mounted on a wall, bench-top or mobile test cart. All DTT are sold as a complete kit including AC/DC power supply, USB cable, hex adapter, six-cell battery pack and carrying case
  • Where are UniSlides used?
    after you input your specs for manual linear UniSlides, manual and motor driven BiSlides and XSlides. You can see the price of rotary tables, elevating tables and adapter plates and brackets on their associated web pages. Look up the price of std (without options) UniSlide. Can I order it on-line? How
  • Microstructural Characterization of Thin Film Photovoltaics using Electron Backscatter Diffraction (.pdf)
    details affect photovoltaic. behavior. For example, high efficiency (18.8%) CIGS cel s exhibited a (220)/(204) preferred. orientation [9]. Figure 3 shows KPFM results from a CGS film where the relationship between local work. function and crystal ographic orientation has been identified (Adapter

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