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Parts by Number for Microscope Objective Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PZ2-1000T Tequipment.Net View Solutions Not Provided PZ2 Parallel Trinocular Zoom Microscope with a Boom Stand, including PZ201101 Parallel Zoom Body, PZ202101 45 Parallel Binocular, PZ205102 Image Port, PZ206101 0.5X Coupler PZ204204 1.0X Plan Achromatic Objective Lens, SZ402101 10X Adjustable Eyepie
DM-220 Tequipment.Net View Solutions Not Provided DM Digital Video Microscope with a LED High Track Stand, including MV500010 Digital Video Microscope Body, MV491140 1X Objective Lens, MV591110 LED Side Light, MV591120 Rechargeable Battery x2, GE500031 Separate USB Cable, a measuring software, MA22
PZ2-5000 Tequipment.Net View Solutions Not Provided PZ2 Parallel Binocular Zoom Microscope with a Pneumatic Arm, including PZ201101 Parallel Zoom Body, PZ202101 45 Parallel Binocular, PZ204204 1.0X Plan Achromatic Objective Lens, SZ402101 10X Adjustable Eyepieces (Pair), MA241102 Pneumatic Arm
SZ-BD-B2-60 Tequipment.Net Scienscope Not Provided SSZ Series Binocular body (.67-4.5 objective range), 10x eyepieces with eye guards, ring light adapter and microscope cover. 60 inclined eyepieces.

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  • Factors to Consider When Selecting a Stereo Microscope
    the specimen is in focus. In most instances, the working distance of an objective decreases as magnification increases. In stereo microscopy, working distance is one of the most important criteria, since it has a direct impact on the usability of the microscope as a tool.
  • Optical Touch Pointer for Fluorescence Guided
    . [6,7] have evaluated a fluorescence microscopy system for. brain tissue. The diagnosis is usually subjectively per-. guided resection of malignant gliomas. Protoporphyrin IX. formed using a surgical microscope. The objective of this. (PpIX) fluorescence induced by a dose (20 mg/kg body-. study
  • Near Field Imaging of a Laser Diode Using Scanning Method
    resolution was approximately 1 um. The measurement setup was constructed on Newport AutoAlign8000 alignment system, which consists of two motion stage stacks and a stationary center post. Beam profiling was achieved by using a high magnification microscope objective and scanning a detector with a pinhole
  • Utilizing Aspheres in Optical Design
    Improving image quality, reducing the number of elements needed and lowering costs are all now achievable through the use of aspheres in optical design. From digital cameras and CD players to high-end microscope objectives and fluorescence microscopy, aspheres are proliferating into every facet
  • Understanding Spatial Filters
    removes this additional spatial noise from the system. The spatial filter assembly consists of a microscope objective, a pinhole aperture, and a positioning mechanism. The positioning mechanism has precision X-Y movements that center the pinhole at the focal point of the objective lens. Our TECH SPECTM
  • Fast Focus
    is much more subtle. The shape and position of the image projected on a bi-cell photosensor depends on where the optical system is with respect to its best-focus condition. When the microscope objective is too far from the substrate (left), the image resembles a half moon lying on the plussensor
  • Medical Device Link .
    to the microscope objective can change by more than 30 um while translating 20,000 um (2 cm) horizontally across the sample area. Such variations in distance exceed the depths of field of 10x/0.25 and 20x/0.40 objectives, which are approximately 8.5 um and 5.8 um, respectively. To compensate
  • Precision moves with pint-sized motors
    Innovative actuators and stages based on piezoelectric materials give superfine motion in a compact package. A typical use for PZT actuators is in the precision positioning of microscope objectives. The MIPOS 500 stage (top) from Piezosystem Jena Inc. is one example of a device designed

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