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  • Medical Device Link .
    . Slide assemblies are employed in testing and inspection fixtures, specifically for research and manufacturing gauging. The line of graduated-knob Unislide products feature dovetail slides with an accurate leadscrew and error of less than 0.0015 in. per 12 in. An engraved hand. MPMN June 2004
  • Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging
    on a. clean, hard surface such as a microscope slide. It is recom-. mended that the beam side of the device be down so that this. Equipment. side will be toward the substrate when bonded. The device can. Equipment for die attachment and lead bonding is commercially. be picked up by pressing lightly
  • Medical Device Link . Fermentation of IVD raw materials
    is known as characterization. Methods of characterization for cells include wet-mount observations, optical density tests, and plate counts. Wet mounts entail cells being suspended on a slide and then observed under a microscope. Hybridomas are counted in this way. Bacteria can be distinguished
  • Medical Device Link .
    ). The dispensed fluid volumes were placed onto microscope slides, intended to simulate a known volume of saline leakage to be collected. The weight of the dispensed volume was recorded and used as the baseline "known " value for collection-volume delta and percentage recovery calculation
  • Where are UniSlides used?
    . Manual slide examples. Motor driven examples. I need a manual slide. I need a motorized slide. Searching for a word? Use your browser's Find feature (Control + F). or try the Quick Search box to the left. How do I use your web site?. I am having a problem downloading or using your 3D model. Buying
  • Analysis of Ciliary Beat Pattern and Beat Frequency Using Digital High Speed Imaging: Comparison with the Photomultiplier and Photodiode Methods (.pdf)
    . (Thorax 2000;55:314–317). Infirmary, P O Box 65,. beat cycle can be visualised and beat frequency. Leicester LE2 7LX, UK. rapidly measured. Keywords: cilia; ciliary beat frequency; methods. C O’Callaghan. Before analysing the beat pattern of cilia. M A Chilvers. from patients with primary ciliary
  • Stepwise Morphological and Functional Maturation of Mechanotransduction in Rat Outer Hair Cells
    2 microscope (Thornwood, NY) using Nomarski differential interference contrast optics and a 60× water-immersion objective [numerical aperture (NA) 0.9, Olympus, Center Valley, PA]. A Cascade 512B digital camera (Photometrics, Tucson, AZ) driven by MetaMorph software (Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale