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  • Precision moves with pint-sized motors
    Innovative actuators and stages based on piezoelectric materials give superfine motion in a compact package. A typical use for PZT actuators is in the precision positioning of microscope objectives. The MIPOS 500 stage (top) from Piezosystem Jena Inc. is one example of a device designed
  • OIM Collection and Analysis of Biogenic and Non-Biogenic Carbonates (.pdf)
    . Advantages of EBSD and OIM Analysis. Until recently, materials scientists have used imaging and electron diffraction in the transmission. electron microscope to study the microstructure of calcium carbonate, but this technique is. limited by the small areas of samples that can be prepared and studied
  • Applications for Automated Particle Analysis (.pdf)
    . The electron microscope is most commonly an SEM but a TEM. can also be used. The ability to separate particles by graylevel from. their background and from each other is typical y accomplished. with the use of a backscattered electron (BSE) detector. Multi-field. automated analysis requires a motorized stage