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  • Delay Lines-Image
    Delay Lines - (88 companies)
    Delay lines are devices used to slow down a signal by a time interval in an electrical network. There are two basic delay line technologies: passive and active. Delay Lines Information. Image Credit: Colby Instruments | D & N Electronics | Digi-Key... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Antennas-Image
    Antennas - (1115 companies)
    ...and are enclosed within a plastic radome to protect the elements and electronics. These use a microstrip-patch or planar array antenna or multiple dipoles. The cell site can use several panel antennas or bays of panels as required, and adaptive antennas can... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Time Delay Relays-Image
    Time Delay Relays - (257 companies)
    Time delay relays and solid state timers use solid state electronic devices to provide a time delay. They may have displays, pots or other means of operator interface. They may also have electromechanical or solid state outputs. The number of time... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Digital Delay Generators-Image
    Digital Delay Generators - (12 companies)
    ...and pulse generators may provide independent amplitude polarity and level control for each output. Some digital delay generators are used to produce edges to trigger devices. Others provide precise delays and width for grating. Selecting digital... Learn More
  • Line Drivers-Image
    Line Drivers - (18 companies)
    Image Credit: Avago Technologies | 1-Source Electronic Components | Patton Electronics Co. Line drivers extend the transmission distance between terminals or computers connected along private lines or networks. They improve connectivity across local... Learn More
  • Power Line Network Equipment - (34 companies)
    Power line network equipment uses existing electrical power lines as carriers for data communications signals. They sometimes have lower bandwidths compared to networks that use dedicated fiber optic, coaxial cable, or twisted pair carriers. Power... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Line-shaft Spools - (7 companies)
    Line-shaft spools are mounted to the drive shaft of a line-shaft conveyor. A belt transmits power from the spool to drive individual conveyor rollers. Line-shaft spools are mounted to a shaft (line-shaft) on conveyors referred to as line... Learn More
  • Trace Line Heaters - (49 companies)
    How to Select Trace Line Heaters. Image Credit: Thermon Manufacturing Co. | Tyco Thermal Controls. Trace line heaters are flexible, insulated cables that are heated with electricity or re-circulated fluids. They are used to prevent liquids in pipes... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Line/Load Reactors - (35 companies)
    Line and load reactors are current-limiting, inductive devices used to remove distortion and filter power. Description. Line and load reactors, also known as line chokes, are current-limiting, inductive devices used to remove distortion and filter... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Line Terminals - (7 companies)
    Optical Line Terminals serve as service provider endpoints of a passive optical network by converting between electrical (voice, data, video, etc.) and fiber optic signals while also coordinating multiplexing between the two. Learn More
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Consumer and commercial electronic designs call for the smallest possible components to save space and power. Balanced-unbalanced transformers or baluns have traditionally been based on transmission lines, such as coaxial wires, stripline, or microstrip, and often somewhat large as a result...

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