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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HMC509LP5E Perfect Parts Corporation HITTITE MICROWAVE CORP Voltage Controlled Oscillator VCO, 7800 MHz - 8800 MHz
HMC531LP5E Perfect Parts Corporation HITTITE MICROWAVE CORP Voltage Controlled Oscillator VCO, 13600 MHz - 14900 MHz
HMC529LP5E Perfect Parts Corporation HITTITE MICROWAVE CORP Voltage Controlled Oscillator VCO, 12400 MHz - 13400 MHz

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  • The Effect of High Stability Reference Oscillators on System Phase Noise
    Highly accurate microwave systems derive their frequency stability from lower frequency reference oscillators, crystals or atomic standards. The resulting phase noise is, ideally, the lower frequency reference oscillator noise multiplied by 20 log N, where N is the frequency multiplication factor
  • Microwave Office Enables First Pass Design Success for World's Only Pocket-Sized Sports Radar Gun
    instance of the product was designed through empirical methods and would have required multiple cut-and-try turns to optimize the robust performance of the oscillator and power amplifier and the matching between the two. With very tight budget and time-to-market pressures, rendering multiple board turns
  • ECCOSORB (R) BSR-1/SS6M used as 140 GHz Waveguide Flange in ALMA Program
    Scientists at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) contacted Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products to assist with solving an RF leakage problem in the ALMA Local Oscillator Subsystem. ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter Array is a single research instrument composed of up to 80
  • Case Study # 3 - DRO Housing
    hermeticity.Telecommunication and other microelectronic devices need to be protected by being sealed in a hermetic package. This housing is used in a microwave telecom application. It was originally developed by machining of a popular Fe 49% Ni alloy. The material is expensive to throw away chips, and is 'tough and gummy
  • ECCOSORB MCS/SS6M Quells Oscillations in Spectrum Analyzer
    A leading manufacturer of Spectrum Analyzers with CATV and QAM / Video demodulation and measurements capabilities turned to Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products to quell an EMI problem in one of their front-end modules. During the initial design RF engineers discovered that interference was being
  • Solving Your Radio Frequency Interference Problems (.pdf)
    are small compared to the numbers of unintentional emitters such as TV and radio receivers, microwave ovens - basically any device that contains an oscillator or that, due to failure or poor design, oscillates and radiates signals.