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  • RF/Microwave Solid State Switches
    Solid state switches are ubiquitous. in modern RF/microwave systems. They are utilized to control signal. flows, select signal sources and for many. other applications. These switches are. implemented either with positive-intrinsicnegative. (PIN) diodes or with field effect. transistors (FETs
  • A New Breed of VXIbus Microwave Signal Generator Architecture (.pdf)
    Microwave signal generators perform their frequency generation function by employing any number of direct and/or indirect frequency synthesis technologies.Frequency synthesis may be defined as a process by which a set of frequencies with predefined upper and lower bounds may be generated from
  • Multiwave PRO for Pharmaceuticals Microwave-induced Oxygen Combustion Ashing and Digesting in 1 Run
    Elemental contaminants in pharmaceuticals (heavy metals,. metalloids) can have many origins. Any material or. equipment used before, during and after the production,. like raw materials, pharmaceutical ingredients, solvents,. reactors, etc., are potential sources of contamination. Due to the wide
  • The Effect of High Stability Reference Oscillators on System Phase Noise
    beyond the loop bandwidth is the attenuated multiplied reference plus the phase noise of the phase-locked microwave source. The phase noise of the microwave source closer to the carrier than the phase-locked loop bandwidth is attenuated by the phase-locked loop. This is summed with the multiplied
  • Using Noise for RF Receiver Built-In Test Applications
    Microwave thermal noise has long been employed for built-in test (BIT) of receivers and radiometers. Today's compact solid-state noise sources are broadband and extremely stable making them very useful signal sources for a variety of tests. What is not commonly known is how many different types
  • Measurement and Control Basics, Fourth Edition
    , microwave, and. radar. The chapter on temperature measurement has been improved by. adding new illustrations and a section on radiation pyrometers. Coverage. of analytical measurement and control in Chapter 8 was increased by the. addition of a section on the principles of electromagnetic radiation and its
  • Looking Into Noise-Figure Measurement Uncertainty
    Microwave modeling software has enabled extremely low noise-figure (NF) amplifiers to become commonplace. There was a time when low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) below 0.7 dB were found only on specialized, expensive systems such as MRI machines or highly sensitive scientific radiometers. However, within
  • Radio Frequency Interference in Hospitals
    Hospitals are replete with sources of interference and many applications that require the ultimate in reliability to assure patient safety. Patient telemetry systems, cellular telephones, bluetooth devices, security radio systems, police and paramedic radios, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, cordless

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