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  • Installed Performance of Communication Antenna Arrays (.pdf)
    how multiple solvers in. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO (R) can be combined to predict where to install an omnidirectional stacked bicone. antenna array to minimise loss of omnidirectionality
  • From a Distance: Remote Sensing of Planet Earth
    Range in New Mexico, soil These maps will be generated from 20-foot-diameter microwave dishes spinning rapidly on platforms attached to satellites. These dishes capture the natural microwave emissions from soil as a measure of moisture. The rapid spinning is the secret to the complete coverage
  • Medical Device Link .
    and not microwaves to power the lamps, eliminating the need for shielding to protect personnel from microwave radiation in the manufacturing environment. Figure 1. Curing can be accomplished via the short, intense bursts. (Medical Plastics and Biomaterials) Pulsed UV Curing for Medical Devices (MDDI
  • How Wet's Our Planet?
    Tom Jackson. examine data collected by. a microwave sensor. (K10755-1). To See Beneath the Trees. "Blinding " by dense vegetation is the last obstacle to soil moisture monitoring of the globe. "As satellites move from bare land to grassland to cropland to forest, it gets harder and harder for them
  • World Weather: The Soil Has a Role Too
    Flight Facility in southern Maryland. With a soil microwave sensor in its bomb bay, the P-3B mapped soil moisture and temperature from 22,000 feet. It flew almost daily, passing over the entire study area between 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning. Jackson says the P-3B also sent out laser beams to map
  • How to Extend the Reach of IT
    the organization. department must monitor aircraft. transactions. Improper management. safety lights atop cellular or microwave. of this equipment can drive customers. towers across the entire United States. away, substantially lower your com-. The Non-IT Realm. Failure to notify the U.S. Federal
  • Seeing Air in a New Light With LiDAR
    are and how much the atmosphere in a given area is fluctuating. It gives us a multidimensional picture of what's going on. ". Technician Kenwood Scoggin. prepares particulate-filter. samples for microwave-assisted. extraction as part of the. liquid chromatography/mass. spectrometer process to. identify
  • Medical Device Link .
    , drilling, and contour routing capabilities of the manufacturer 's advanced PCB plotter. The ProtoLaser 100 offered by LPKF Laser & Electronics (Wilsonville, OR) produces radio-frequency and microwave boards using a range of materials such as FR4 and PTFE-based substrates. The equipment also is used

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