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  • Don't Rule Out Plasma for Cutting Aluminum
    , Brandt explained. This misconception isn't limited to aluminum cutting—people still have that misconception about plasma cutting in general, even on mild steel, he added. However, depending on part thickness and productivity requirements, the process usually can be optimized to meet the required
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard
    are only effective at marking organic or plastic materials, they are also capable of marking certain metals, including mild and stainless steel, tool steel, and even titanium. This application highlights one method of using a CO2 laser to directly mark machined stainless steel housings. Our marking
  • Stainless Steel Technology - Lively, Ontario
    ' long. Stainless Steel Technology fabricated the top portion of this 16-foot diameter spray cooling tower from 316L SS. This 2-inch aluminum part was cut on Stainless Steel Technology's Jet Edge waterjet system. Stainless Steel Technology cut this mild steel part on their Jet Edge waterjet
  • One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table
    cutting system that cuts fine features in thin sheet and cuts effectively on thick plate. Precision Plasma. Cutting with plasma technology provides an optimal mix of cut quality, productivity, and low operating costs for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum across a range of thicknesses
  • Kent, Washington Waterjet Shop Specializes in Tight Tolerance Waterjet Cutting
    . Productivity is doubled by using two cutting heads. Photo courtesy Pegasus Northwest. Cutting 5/8 (.625") MIC6 Aluminum, P/N Controlled Air Intake, Tolerance ± .005". Productivity is quadrupled with four cutting heads! Photo Courtesy Pegasus Northwest, Inc. Pegasus Northwest cuts a 1.5" mild steel base
  • Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laser Cutting System
    area. It provides a stable cutting beam at high speeds up to 1150 inches per minute across all processing areas. Diamond-Path ensures consistent corner-to-corner cutting of thick mild steel, stainless and aluminum materials. Integrated Beam Optimizer will automatically adjust beam characteristics
  • Insert Material - Brass versus Stainless Steel
    as brass. The. • Brass is typically useful in environments with. most common methods of post-mold installation for. exposure to mild alkaline solutions, though strong. Inserts and many turned products entails using heat. solutions such as hydroxides and cyanides should. and ultrasonics, so reduced
  • Laser Facilitates Quicker, Thicker Cutting
    machining 1/4-inch mild steel on the previous machine, the company was able to achieve feed rates of 60 to 80 ipm. Using the new laser, Mr. Grimbilas speculates feed rates of around 150 ipm are achieved. Aside from noticing faster overall speeds, the company is also impressed with the new machine’s

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