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  • Shop Doubles its Volume by Switching from Plasma to Laser
    of cutting without having to staff a second shift. " This led to the decision to purchase a second laser from Mitsubishi - a new LVP-3015 equipped with Mitsubishi's 4kW 40CFX resonator and EL4 load/unload system. The EL4 provides full automation with 1 " mild steel capacity. "Mitsubishi's EL4 system
  • Kent, Washington Waterjet Shop Specializes in Tight Tolerance Waterjet Cutting
    systems to cut numerous materials, including epoxy resin, fiberglass, acrylic with foreign materials imbedded into it, 8 " thick titanium, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, phenolic, shim stock and up to 12-inch thick mild steel. Some of its more challenging projects include cutting 9-inch-thick