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  • Electronic Cooling Fans-Image
    Electronic Cooling Fans - (554 companies)
    Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices. Description. Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices such as computers and appliances. They are also used in telecommunications, military, and general industrial...
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    Maximum Air Flow
    Maximum Static Pressure
  • Fans and Blowers (industrial)-Image
    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1532 companies)
    Industrial fans and blowers are move air and ganular media in industrial and commercial settings. Typical applications include air circulation for personnel, exhaust, or material handling. Industrial fans and blowers move air and powders...
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  • Enclosure Air Conditioners-Image
    Enclosure Air Conditioners - (142 companies)
    ...into the atmosphere by radiating it through the surface of the enclosure and through the use of grills with filters. Forced convection is best used if there is clean and cool ambient air outside of the enclosure. This may be as simple as a filter fan...
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  • Electronic Loads and Load Banks-Image
    Electronic Loads and Load Banks - (97 companies)
    Electronic loads and load banks are used to test electrical and electronic equipment. They mimic load requirements for testing and troubleshooting purposes.
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  • Air Conditioners-Image
    Air Conditioners - (658 companies)
    ...conditioner include: Evaporator coils are filled with a refrigerant that changes phase from liquid to gas as warm air passes over them. A fan or blower returns cooled air to the room. A compressor moves the heated gas to the condenser coils, which...
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    AC Motors - (1307 companies)
    ...that prevents free exchange of air between the inside and the outside of the enclosure. Common ratings are TEFC (fan-cooled) and TENV (non-ventilated); this is not an airtight rating. These motors are most frequently used in potentially contaminated...
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    Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors - (286 companies)
    Military (MIL-SPEC) connectors are built in accordance with military specifications. Their design takes into account the need to protect the connection from environmental factors, allowing them to be used in military and aerospace applications...
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    Ceiling Fans - (87 companies)
    Ceiling fans are suspended from the ceiling of a room to provide a cooling or de-stratification effect. To circulate the air, they employ hub-mounted, rotating paddles that are made of metal or plastic. Many ceiling fans are equipped so...
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    Fan Guards - (29 companies)
    Fan guards are used to provide a physical barrier around spinning fan blades to prevent accidental contact with fingers or other objects. They are typically constructed using metal wire or plastic. Fan guards are manufactured in a variety...
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    Fan and Blower Repair Services - (35 companies) cost of ownership, for ensuring products meet certain requirements, and for compatibility with logistics systems. Conclusively, fan repair and blower repair services cater to sectors such as the military, food and drug industries, and other...
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  • Ascom Tactical Access Node
    Mechanical General: watertight and hermetically sealed housing, carry handles or 483 mm mounting adapters, hardened for military use Dimensions: 400 × 110 × 265 mm Weight: varies Cooling … … and outside the housing; if required, an internal fan activates the airflow and … 514.5C-VII fig. 514.5C-1, 5- 500 Hz , 40' per axis Functional shock: MIL-STD …
  • Kazan Ansat
    Avionika FBW controls in military version comprise quadruplex electronic system and duplex hydraulic system. Main transmission drives two alternators (each 200 V, 400 Hz ), two generators (each 27 V), two fans and two hydraulic fuel pumps for separate systems.
  • FU-340-HAC Combined NBC-filtration and HVAC unit
    FU-340-HAC Airflow: 340 m3/h Cooling capacity: 8 kW Heating capacity: 9.5 kW Power requirements: ( fan ) 230 VAC (heater) 24 A; 400 VAC; 50 Hz Height: 1,500 mm Width: 750 mm Depth: 850 mm Weight: 340 kg Environmental: (temperature … … Filtrator version of the HVAC/NBC-unit was ordered by the Irish Army for a mobile military hospital.
  • Strategic/Tactical Airborne Recorder (S/TAR™) file server system
    The S/TAR™ FSS provides military users with a turnkey, fully redundant, severe environment, high performance server suite. Volume: 0.98 Cu.ft including handle Size: 193 × 256 × 498 mm Weight: 25.5 kg including removable media Power: 270VA; 115VAC, 47- 400Hz Cooling: Conduction-Cooled with Heat Exchanger/ Fans Storage Capacity: 44 to 830 GB per Cartridge …
  • Flexible Inverter Satisfies Wide Range of Applications
    For avionic or military test systems a 400Hz output version is also available. The Quasar has internal fan cooling, thermal protection and operates over the temperature range 0°C to +50°C.
  • Actiview display systems
    … alone or as integrated smart displays, and are available as COTS, rugged, full military specification or customised. … Power: 28 V DC (5 V DC bezel); 56 W (maximum) Cooling: Internal fan Reliability: 7,000 … Actiview 550 Display area: 4.4 × 3.3 in Resolution: 520 × 400 ; 120 RGB CGPI … … 5 mm Weight: 3.73 kg (display only) Power: 115 V AC, 400 Hz (MIL-STD-704A …
  • New Industrial Water Cooled Programmable DC Power Supplies
    These new water-cooled power supplies range from 3.3 to 45kW with programmable voltage ratings from 5 to 1000 Vdc, current ratings from 3 to 2700 Adc, and operation from 50 to 400 Hz . Conventional fans were replaced with integrated semiconductor chillers and air to water heat exchangers to manage cooling … Immediate demand comes from plating facilities, electrodionization treatment plants, shipboard, and military applications.
  • Elbit Systems of America (ESA) Multi Function Displays
    … 170, EIA-RS-343 (875 line), CCIR, LVDS (two-channel, option) Communication interface: serial link per RS-422 Panel lighting: 0 to 5 V DC or AC, 400 Hz NVIS-compatibility: MIL-STD … … convection or radiation (no fans ) EMI/RFI: MIL-STD-461C … … Integrated display system ORIA is a flight and mission display system designed for military transport, commercial and …
  • Static inverters
    Output Voltage: 115 ±5 V AC Frequency: 400 ±2 Hz Rated power: 1.0-2.5 kVA Efficiency: >82% General Fault indication: overheat, fan failure, output over voltage, frequency failure Dimensions: 216 × 109 × 305 … Military helicopters, including the CH53G.
  • Engine performance indicators
    Honeywell Aerospace makes a series of engine performance indicators for business, commuter and military aircraft. The indicators provide a continuous analogue display of critical engine variables, such as fan and core rotation … … nominal, 450 mA (max) 5 V DC, 250 mA for lighting Input signals: (rotation) monopole pulse (turbine temperature) chromel-alumel thermocouple per NBS Monograph 125 (fuel flow) second harmonic selsyn mass flow transmitter, 115 V AC 400 Hz reference Accuracy: (rpm) (0 …