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  • Switch Sealing Boots-Image
    Switch Sealing Boots - (51 companies)
    Switch sealing boots protect switches from contaminants such as dirt, dust, gas, and liquids. They are generally tough, pliable silicone rubber devices for toggle, pushbutton, rocker, and rotary switches. Accordion bellows and protective boots guard... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Footwear and Footwear Covers - (92 companies)
    Footwear and Footwear Covers. Footwear covers. Ankle Boots. Steel-toe work boots. Image Credit: DME | Grainger | Grainger. Footwear and footwear covers includes protective shoes, boots, covers and other outer protective gear worn on the feet... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Toggle Switches-Image
    Toggle Switches - (373 companies)
    ...terminals. Surface mount technology (SMT). Straight PC pins. Right angle PC pins. Side PC pins. Materials. Most toggle switch bases and toggle switch actuators are made of plastic, thermoplastic, or metal materials. Features. Pilot light or illumination... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Floor Mats-Image
    Industrial Floor Mats - (517 companies)
    Industrial floor mats include rubber mats and matting, modular floor mat systems, and other matting for traction, impact protection, worker ergonomics and comfort. They can include functional features such as ESD protection. Image Credit: U.S. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors-Image
    Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors - (295 companies)
    Military (MIL-SPEC) connectors are built in accordance with military specifications. Their design takes into account the need to protect the connection from environmental factors, allowing them to be used in military and aerospace applications. How... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Switch Mode Transformers - (54 companies)
    Chassis-mounted devices use screw-down tabs. Disk-mounted devices use a simple rubber washer, a metal disc with a hole in the middle, and a sturdy clamping screw. H-frame mounting is used in applications with relatively high levels of shock or vibration... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Audio Switch Matrices - (55 companies)
    An audio switch matrix for logistic or military communication can capture and route signals in airborne, shipboard, or surface applications. A logistic audio switch matrix may also be integrated with computer-based applications to enable replay... Learn More
  • Membrane Switch and Keypad Services - (245 companies)
    ...of construction for membrane switch and keypad services include polyester, polycarbonate, rubber or silicone, and metal. Some suppliers provide texturing such as pebbling, knurling, ridges or other texturing for aesthetic or operator tactile... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rubber Adhesives and Sealants - (193 companies)
    Paper and paperboard. Rubbers and elastomers. Leather. Textiles. Metal. Plastic. Wood. Porous surfaces. Composite materials. Industries Served. Aerospace. Automotive. Electrical. Electronic. Marine. Medical. Military. Rubber adhesives and sealants... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Elastomers and Rubber Compounds - (578 companies) a copolymer of synthetic rubbers such as polyisobutylene to enhance properties for specific applications. Product Performance. Properties of an elastomer or rubber are determined primarily by the material grade and chemical system of the product. Rubber... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Armored Pushbutton Switch Sealing Boot Takes Aim At High Water Pressure Applications (22/09/2011 15:35:30), beverage, dairy and meat/fish packing processing plants, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants, medical, military , marine and transportation... Combat ready for most harsh workplaces, HEXSEAL Armored Switch Boots are now available in two versions: p/n 1238/1SS with a .750 diameter head... oversize 1.250 diameter head; and p/n N-1030T toggle style silicone rubber boot covered with a...
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    ...or docks) constructed at government expense for public use'). g(103974403,'a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches... ...wide broom that is pushed ahead of the sweeper'). g(103981648,'an electrical switch operated by pressing... ...103986236,'an arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edges'). g(103986355,'piece of leather that comprises the part of a shoe or boot covering the heel and... ...especially those assigned to military personnel)'). g(103986804...
  • HEX200 |
    Material: HEXSEALS: Silicone rubber conforms ZZ-R-765 Class III, (unless otherwise specified) E-SEELS: Silicone rubber polymer type 1418... ...minimum Shelf Life: excess years Resistant Salt spray, sunlight, ozone, weather, fungus most acids lubricating oils Military Approvals: Most HEXSEALS QPL... Switches Potentiometers Specify boot part number and, necessary, appropriate bushing adaptor part number (please page 14).
  • Eaton / Switches - 7501K15 - Sensors, Switches & Relays - Switches - Allied Electronics
    Switch Guard, Red, Military P/n MS252243, 2 Switch Positions, OHM Switch Mountin Switch Accessories/Modular Parts > Sealing Boots /Screws/Washers Boot, Full Toggle Switch, 15/32-32 Thread Size, Silicone Rubber , Black .