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  • New Grading and Coding Device Speeds PALCO's Recent Upgrade
    Since its founding in 1869, The Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO) has been a leader in innovating saw mill process and equipment technology. Typical is the recent acquisition of an advanced electronic ink-jet marking device from Matthews International that was the key to a successful automated process
  • Shaping Steel at 45 MPH
    dies and halt production. , a maker of steel-rolling-mill machines in Providence, R.I., meets these demands using a dedicated real-time control system from Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. Steel-rolling-mill machines by Walco process hot or cold sheet steel to specified thicknesses and tolerances
  • Scale deposit problems
    in the process lead to the formation of scale deposits on mill equipment. This occurs even with the purest water and state-of-the art water treatment. The scale deposits can cause a number of operational problems such as plugging of equipment, inefficient usage of chemicals, increased utility costs, lost
  • Medical Device Link .
    and forming machine are some of the new products discussed in this article. These and other products with metal fabrication applications are included below. Mold and die miller offers precision milling without thermal distortion A vertical mold and die miller is designed to mill steel mold inserts, mold
  • Factors Influencing Heavy Wall Tube Welding (.pdf)
    walls. A cold centre can limit the maximum weld speed, even if the mill has additional capacity and the welder has additional power.
  • Backpressure Characteristics of Modern Threeway Catalysts, Benefit on Engine Performance (.pdf)
    of air at 25°C. Except for the plugging study, all. g. (. 6 0. investigations are performed on a production RD 5.66. M. inch x 4 inch long 600 CPSI/3.5 mill parts. PG. 4 0. 20. Condelp, an in-house developed backpressure. prediction model, is used to assess the expected. 0. variation from substrate
  • Lords of the Ring
    rail stop and running the rail-car wheels 10 ft beyond the end of the tracks to get the donut positioned. In all, five pieces of major equipment helped create the finished kiln tire. The ring mill reduced the wall thickness while increasing the diameter. The size press "rounded up " the piece
  • Improved Damage Tolerance in Titanium Alloy Fan Blades with Low Plasticity Burnishing (.pdf)
    surface was performed on a conventional four-axis. CNC mill. The LPB control system, tooling, and process. are described. A zone of through-thickness compression on. the order of -690 MPa (-100 ksi) was achieved extending. 2.5 mm (0.10 in.) cord-wise from the leading edge and along. the lower half

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