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  • Laser Technology - Laser Engraving/Marking: A Complement to EDM'ing and Milling - 08/07
    of metal) and marking (changing the surface of the metal) are emerging in the moldmaking industry --both as an alternative to EDM and some milling processes that involve small detail to meet the increasing need for parts identification and traceability in the manufacturing process and in finished
  • General Milling Application Data - Milling 101
    Select a cutter diameter greater than the workpiece width by a ratio of approximately 1.5 to 1. This will ensure that each insert enters the cut without the frictional, no-chip phase which occurs when attempting to cut the full cutter diameter. Also, the insert leaves the part without reducing
  • Milling Nickel-based Alloys - Milling Heat Resistant Alloys
    carbide tools. The above graph (Figure 72) gives starting points for speeds and feeds based upon material hardness. In hard turning the use of a light hone on the insert such as edge preparation T1A may help reduce chipping.
  • Case Study: Machining - VMC for Real-World Moldmaking and Milling - 04/08
    finishes and the close tolerances. Images courtesy of SHM. He attended the WESTEC trade show in Los Angeles and visited the GBI/Feeler booth --a Cincinnati, OH-based machine tool distributor --which had a VM32SA on the floor taking full horse-power cuts in die steel with ceramic inserts. The VMC
  • Machining Case Study - A Machine that Cuts Carbon and Hard Steel at 60 Percent the Cost of Other Machines - 03/08
    the MMT Showroom for Graphic Products North America Are you struggling with the decision to buy a new graphite mill or a new hard mill? Hard milling can cut about 75 percent out of the time and cost to make inserts in some cases, yet hard milling can 't do it all. The perfect scenario would
  • Carbide Grade Descriptions
    with multi-purpose chipbreakers for heavy roughing through finishing. GA-5023 A high-speed performance grade for turning and milling cast iron. GA-5023 features an advanced MT-CVD coating specifically developed for abrasive wear resistance. Application ranges from roughing to finishing on most cast iron
  • Ceramic Grade Descriptions
    at finishing high-strength alloy materials. HSN-100 The latest in engineered silicon-nitride cutting tools has superior toughness and high cutting speed capability. For the turning and milling of all classes of cast iron. HSN-100 is a good choice for ductile, malleable, nodular, and other difficult
  • Medical Device Link .
    and forming machine are some of the new products discussed in this article. These and other products with metal fabrication applications are included below. Mold and die miller offers precision milling without thermal distortion A vertical mold and die miller is designed to mill steel mold inserts, mold

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