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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
VS820A1047 Global Industrial Honeywell International Not Provided Honeywell 1/2" Nptx3/4" Npt Powerpile Millivolt Gas Valve Vs820a1047, W/ 35" Wc Adjustable
36C03U-333 Global Industrial White Rodgers Not Provided White-Rodgers ™ Millivolt Gas Valve, 24v 1/2 X 3/4 With Side Tappings 36c03u-333
700-504 Global Industrial Invensys Not Provided Millivolt - 1/2" Inlet, 3.5" W.C. Nat. Gas, 240,000 Capacity, 1/2" Side Outlet
700-511 Global Industrial Invensys Not Provided Millivolt - 3/4" Inlet, Uni-Kit Pressure Reg., 400,000 Capacity
VS820A1054 Global Industrial Honeywell International Not Provided Honeywell 3/4" Nptx3/4" Npt Powerpile Millivolt Gas Valve Vs820a1054, W/ 35" Wc Adjustable
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  • Pressure transducer with millivolt output
    Pressure sensors with millivolt output signal, in the Danfoss language known as "pressure. transducers", were in past days used in general industries due to limited technological capabilities. Nowadays such sensors are to a great extent replaced by ratiometric pressure transmitters with. amplified
  • US Dynamics Model 475 Rate Gyroscope Technical Brief
    . The output of the gyro is. this case there are two currents or phases. The alternating. calibrated in ‘millivolts per degree per second’. Therefore,. electrical currents are usually sinewave shaped. One. if for 12 seconds, the earlier described 50 ‘millivolt per. supply is 90° out of phase
  • Proper Calibration Techniques (.pdf)
    Before any electrodes are placed into initial service and then about once a month thereafter, depending on the application, a two point calibration of the electrodes are required. A two point calibration corrects for changes in the output of the pH electrode (slope) and the millivolt offset (Eo
  • It's Electric: Cows Show Promise As Powerplants
    of a cow's stomach - produced about 600 millivolts of electricity. That's about half the voltage needed to run one rechargeable AA-sized battery, said , a study co-author and an associate professor of food, agricultural and biological engineering While rumen fluid itself won't be used as. It's Electric
  • AN112 Filtering in Signal Conditioning Modules, SCMs
    with output voltages in the millivolt range are certainly degraded by induced noise levels on the order of volts. Consequently, signal conditioning modules must provide filtering to eliminate induced noise components. Hundreds of articles and text books have been written on filters that provide
  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    ripple or noise down to a few mV (millivolts) or even microvolts. Through a negative feedback loop, the linear regulator monitors its output voltage at the load and adjusts the value of the variable power resistor in order to keep its output constant from any line (VIN) or load variation
  • Basic Output Generator Excitation and Demodulation Requirements for USD Gyroscopes
    known as a pickoff, generates a user output signal indicating the position of the gyro's gimbal, usually in terms of millivolts per (angular) degree of gimbal rotation. All US Dynamics miniature gyroscope pickoff arrangements are implemented in the form a variable transformer. There are several
  • Tension Amplifier is Stable and Drift-Free Vs Competition (.pdf)
    non-existent at the millivolt level. The drift of the competitor brand output tracks almost inversely with the change in temperature. 886tbTI17cTestCharts.cdr T E C H N I C A L B U L L E T I N. TrueTension™ TI17C and TI18C Amplifier/ Indicator. Comparing Output Voltage Over Time at Ambient

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