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    ...Hellenization Hellenizations Hellenize Hellenized Hellenizes Hellenizing Hellespont hellfire hellish Hellman hello hells helm helmet helmets Helmholtz helmsman... ...laces Lacey Lachesis lacing lack Lackawanna lacked lackey lacking lacks lacquer lacquered lacquers lacrosse lactose lacy lad... mini computer minicomputers minima minimal minimally minimax minimization minimizations minimize minimized minimizer minimizers minimizes minimizing minimum mining...
  • Sports Dermatology
    In the mini -epidemic of athletic shoe dermatitis, topical steroids were not helpful, and the eruption resolved... Helmets and Face Masks ...affects any athlete who wears this protective gear (e.g., baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse , and softball players).
  • Sports Injuries
    ...different exercises (on mat, swinging platform, air squab, eversion- inversion boards, ankle disc, mini trampoline, step, uneven... ...Boden, B.P.: Comparing the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament injury in collegiate lacrosse , soccer, and basketball... Special hel- mets are still being used by some famous goalkeepers.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia
    A MINI -SPACELAB MISSION ...secret Department of Defense mission in December 1988, deploying an advanced radar- imaging satellite known as Lacrosse . ...weeks before Columbia's fiery loss during re-entry, would he hang up his helmet for the last...
  • Countries > Canada > National > Gazette > 2011 > Part II > [CANADA Gazette Part ii, 2011-0216] Part II‚ February 16‚ 2011‚ Vol. 145‚ No...
    ...l’inscription à l’annexe 1 de l’Engoulevent bois-pourri et du Grèbe esclavon seront mini - mes puisque les... Face Protectors for Ice Hockey and Box Lacrosse Players Regulations • Ice Hockey Helmet Regulations • .
  • Mercer's Textbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma
    ...Boettner Primary total hip arthroplasty Ramankutty Sreekumar, Peter R Kay Minimal incision surgery/ mini -invasive total hip... ...increase awareness and prevention of injury, such as requiring eye protection for women’s lacrosse or preventing clipping... Helmets and shoulder pads generally should not be removed prior to arrival at a medical facility unless...
  • Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Traumatology
    ...straight leg raising and terminal short arc extension) and closed kinetic-chain exercises ( mini -squats and stepping... Pelvic apophysitis is common among distance runners and dancers as well as hockey, lacrosse , and football [19]. In American football, neither the helmet nor the shoulder pads should be removed.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orthopedic Sports Medicine
    Mini N. Pathria ...40-year-old man, 3 days after an injury that occurred while sprinting during a lacrosse game. known as a clip injury in American football, in which a player’s helmet hits the lateral...
  • Encyclopedia of Entomology
    By tossing sand up the edge of the pit, the antlion creates a mini -avalanche that causes... ...Flaviviruses St. Louis encephalitis Japanese encephalitis West Nile fever Yellow fever Dengue Bunyaviruses LaCrosse encephalitis Reoviruses Colorado... Head lice transmission can also occur by sharing of brushes, combs, hats, helmets , and other headgear and...
  • Rehab Clinical Pocket Guide a max daily dose of (6 tabs/day) Bowel routine (digital stimulation) with mini enema or supposi... 10] Rapid change of direction or cutting maneuvers combined with• deceleration (soccer, basketball, lacrosse , football, skiing) Landing... Persistent plagiocephaly often will require cranial helmet therapy or° osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) to reshape skull.
  • Orthopedic Sports Medicine
    ...arthro- scopic rotator cuff surgery were questioned regarding the advantages over open or mini -open methods of... ...trauma and are seen most often in contact sports such as football, rugby, soccer, lacrosse , and racquetball. ...the kind of training for the team, including whether protective equipment, such as helmets , braces, and taping...
  • ASTM 00.01 - Subject Index; Alphanumeric Index
    ...Rotational Method), Test Method for, D5985 (05.02) Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products ( Mini Method— Atmospheric), Test... ...Shellac and Other Indian Lacs for Electrical Insulation, Specification for, D784 (10.01) Lacrosse equipment Eye Protectors... ...Blade Broadhead Performance and Safety Standards, Guide for, F1352 (15.07) Ice Hockey Helmets , Performance Specification for...