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    ...Hellenizations Hellenize Hellenized Hellenizes Hellenizing Hellespont hellfire hellish Hellman hello hells helm helmet helmets Helmholtz helmsman Helmut... ...laces Lacey Lachesis lacing lack Lackawanna lacked lackey lacking lacks lacquer lacquered lacquers lacrosse lactose lacy lad... ...mined minefield miner mineral minerals miners Minerva mines minesweeper mingle mingled mingles mingling mini miniature miniatures miniaturization...
  • Sports Dermatology
    In the mini -epidemic of athletic shoe dermatitis, topical steroids were not helpful, and the eruption resolved... Helmets and Face Masks ...affects any athlete who wears this protective gear (e.g., baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse , and softball players).
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    ...inlaid with ivory or precious metals) } { lacrosse_ball, ball1,@ (ball used in playing lacrosse ) } { lacuna, blank2, gap... ...of a window casing) } { lambrequin1, scarf,@ (a scarf that covers a knight's helmet ) } { lame, fabric,@... ...location:Britain,;r (a car that is even smaller than a subcompact car) } { mini computer, digital_computer,@...
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    ..."hellfire" 1 "hellish" 1 "hello" 1 "hells" 1 "helm" 1 "helmet" 1 " helmets " 1 "helmsman"... ..."lackey" 1 "lacking" 1 "lacks" 1 "lacquer" 1 "lacquered" 1 "lacquers" 1 " lacrosse " 1 "lacy"... 1 "mingled" 1 "mingles" 1 "mingling" 1 " mini " 1 "miniature" 1 "miniatures" 1 "miniaturization" 1...
    ...miler milks milky mills milts mimes mimed mimic mince minds mines mined miner minis minim minks minor... ...heckle hectic hector hedged hedges heeded heehaw heeled heifer height heists helena helium helmet helots helped helper... ...kowtowed kumquats labeling labelers laboring laborers laborite labrador laburnum lacerate lacewing laciness lacquers lacrosse lactases lactated lactates...
  • Concussions in Athletics
    ...found that subjects exposed to repeated subcon- cussive blows in football, rugby, and lacrosse showed increased medial–lateral... Concussion in professional football: location and direction of helmet impacts—part 2. The evaluation is a mini - neuropsychological evaluation which reports on the subject’s critical (and all values) QEEG...
  • The Engineering of Sport 6
    Skiing Helmets : An Evaluation of the Potential to Reduce Head Injury , (January 1999) U. S. Consumer Product... Participation in traditional sports such as hockey, football, tennis, rugby, cricket and lacrosse at school, club or... ...treatment - field hockey (n = 17): The children were given coordination exercises and different mini games involving reacting...
  • Practice book traumatology
    ...the ankle fork by dorsalextendiertem foot by contact sports like football, rugby and lacrosse through which the... larger fragments are refixiert through mini screws transossär (Zwipp et al. 1996). That carries Violated a helmet must this to be carefully decreased through 2 persons.
  • The Pediatric Upper Extremity
    The appropriate protective gear, such as football and lacrosse pads and helmets , soccer shin guards, and baseball/softball helmets and catcher’s gear, should be worn at all times, and the wearing of which should be strictly enforced at all practices and matches. may be removed arthroscopically (Fig. 25) or may require a mini -arthrotomy (see below).
  • Injuries in Athletics: Causes and Consequences accident, yet he or she reduces the risk of injury by always riding with a helmet . For example, a lacrosse player experiencing lower back pains goes to the physical trainer treating him for... ...has changed in recent years, some coaches and parents view youth as merely mini adults who can...
  • Accidental Injury
    In one of the earlier tests, mini -pigs The main way by which biomechanics has influ- enced helmet design is not so much in our... The athletic helmet category comprises mainly sports such as amateur boxing, football, hockey, lacrosse and so on.
  • Sports Injuries
    Standard (unfractionated) heparin: During subcutaneous ( mini -dose) prophylaxis, there is no contraindication to the use of neuraxial... ...Boden, B.P.: Comparing the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament injury in collegiate lacrosse , soccer, and basketball... that lead to making initial contact with the top or crown of the helmet or head.