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  • Selecting Miniature Motors for your Medical Device (.pdf)
    . Commutation in the coils is done electronically. Usually the external tube closing the. magnetic field of the magnet is fixed, generating iron losses while the magnet is rotating. In applications where inertia is. not critical, the tube and the magnet can rotate together, removing iron losses. [Fig 5
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    Characteristic M = M(H) for a superparamagnetic material. The advantages of using magnetic beads as labels in bioassays have been well established. Magnetic beads are not affected by reagent chemistry or photobleaching and are therefore stable over time. In addition, the magnetic background
  • Development of Electromotive Force
    with respect to the magnetic field. Figure 5 illustrates the coil of the single-coil motor at angular positions of 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees. At 0 degrees, the ends of the coils are contacting the "brushes", and current flows through the coil. The interaction of the current flow
  • Basic Gyroscope Spin Motor Excitation Requirements For USD Gyroscopes
    This applications note discusses basic gyroscope spin motor excitation requirements for many models of US Dynamics miniature Rate Integrating Gyroscopes (RIG) and Rate Gyroscopes. Most US Dynamics miniature gyroscopes utilize 2 phase synchronous (hysteresis) motors to drive the gyroscope inertia
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    or doctor�s office, home-healthcare devices come in compact, travel-friendly packages. To produce these and other portable packages, medical device firms need diminutive parts like those made by manufacturers that specialize in miniature pumps and valves. These manufacturers are turning out
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    Unlike piston pumps, miniature diaphragm pumps do not require lubricants in the pump 's stroking mechanism. On a similar note, rotary-vane pumps are prone to the vanes wearing and spewing debris in the flow path. By contrast, miniature diaphragm vacuum pumps and compressors provide an oil-free
  • Medical Device Link . A Driving Force in Medical Innovation Smaller, lighter, cheaper motors keep pace with industry demand.
    superconducting wire to carry electrical current more efficiently. This wire might be composed of "high-temperature" superconductors, which promise to convey hundreds of times the electrical current of conventional copper wire. Superconducting coils would be capable of generating much higher magnetic
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    employed creative thinking and strategic use of design tools to produce new valves that offer the tiny size and high throughput that OEMs seek. Solenoid valves direct the flow of air and gases in a fluidic module that typically incorporates miniature diaphragm pumps, compressors, or vacuum pumps

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