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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
81516200 Allied Electronics, Inc. CROUZET CRYDOM-CONTROLS Not Provided Pneumatic, Miniature Control Valve, 200 to 300 NI/mm, 4/2 Pressure Spring Return
81921501 Allied Electronics, Inc. CROUZET CRYDOM-CONTROLS Not Provided Position Detectors, Pneumatic, Miniature Series, Simple Plunger
81519335 Allied Electronics, Inc. CROUZET CRYDOM-CONTROLS Not Provided Solenoid Valve,Pneumatic Intrinsically safe miniature solenoid valve
NARJ210-M5 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Regulator, miniature, pneumatic, M5, NPT
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  • No Elbow Room - Ultra-Miniature Pneumatic Elbow Fitting Fits Critical Medical Product to a Tee
    between success and failure in the marketplace. This is readily apparent in products such as semiconductors, cell phones, notebook computers, hard drives, PDAs, and flat screen TVs. Miniaturization is also a driving force in the pneumatic fitting industry as well.
  • Line Contact Barb
    Beswick originated not only the use of an o-ring face seal in miniature pneumatics, but also the single line contact barb. All Beswick tube fittings feature this proprietary single-edge barb profile which, unlike traditional christmas tree barbs, allows tubing to be pushed onto the fitting easily
  • Miniature fittings enhance airline beverage service
    Designers increasingly rely on pneumatics for clean, fast, reliable, and economical automation systems. A new beverage-dispensing cart eliminates the need for bottles and cans. Beverage service aboard commercial aircraft has changed little since the 1950s. Flight attendants wheel a mobile service
  • Proportional Valve Design Meets Control System Challenges
    Clippard Instrument Laboratory, long a pioneer in the miniature pneumatic industry, has achieved a breakthough in proportional valve technology with the introduction of the EVP series proportional valve. Since 1974, Clippard ( has produced the EV series valve, said to combine
  • Medical Device Link .
    , HVAC products, precision miniature pneumatic components Airtrol Components Inc. carries a full line of precision miniature components, including pressure and vacuum regulators and switches, comparators, orifices, filters, and fittings. These components are ideal when small size, light weight
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pumps and Valves
    Miniature metering pumps are suited for precise, fixed-displacement, low-pressure OEM applications. Requiring only 2 3/8 in. of panel space, the pumps feature displacement ranges of 0 50 and 0 100 ul/stroke. The moulded components are fitted with a matched ceramic piston and liner housed
  • Mini valve features high flow
    feature is that the plunger has Viton elastomeric ends that tightly seal the valve port and greatly simplify internal geometry. This streamlines the flow path and permits close spacing of the pneumatic tubing ports. Conventional miniature 10-mm valves, on the other hand, require a more-complex
  • Medical Device Link .
    Precision snap-acting switches react to pressure or vacuum and send signals to electronic control systems. The switches feature miniature size, low differential, adjustable settings, various mountings, and good repeatability. They are single pole, double throw for normally open, normally closed

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  • Electrical machines and drives
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  • Dubbel
    Advantages: Kleinere required fan power as the pressure at the lesser fresh air volume is generated: Fortfall of the sucking train and the underpressure control; no wrong air intrusion (particularly by least excess air necessarily).
  • Room climate technique 2, band
    Such passages can be used nevertheless successfully when the correspondingly low air speeds in the exit can be set,. RechteckigeStrahlenwandelnsichnachkurzerLauflängeinrundeStrahlenum.
  • Manual combustion engine
    The pressure difference generated with the venturi remains small in small air flows.
  • Electrical drive-foundations
    ...trifft not in the theory of magnetic circuits to, by the becomes the simplifying adoption getroffen in the literature that there are H field-sources with which the calculations in the magnetic circuit, and other for small air gaps, become simpler, (see...
  • Aircraft engines
    But this proportionality also says, that a and same thrust either can be generated by it while a large air mass with a small speed change or only a small air mass is provided with a large speed change.
  • Lexicon of aviation
    The APU on small air shafts is recognizable in the tail for the suction of fresh air and ejection of exhaust gases.
  • Pohls's introduction into the physics
    Liquids are water in the everyday life particularly therefore only never freely of small air bubbles.