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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
81519335 Allied Electronics, Inc. CROUZET CRYDOM-CONTROLS Not Provided Solenoid Valve,Pneumatic Intrinsically safe miniature solenoid valve
81513100 Allied Electronics, Inc. CROUZET CRYDOM-CONTROLS Not Provided Valve, Control, Pneumatic, Miniature, 3/2 Modular Poppet, DIN Rail
81519332 Allied Electronics, Inc. CROUZET CRYDOM-CONTROLS Not Provided Pneumatic, Miniature Solenoid Valve, Manual Overdrive, 24V
R431005928 Radwell Hamac Not Provided VALVE MINIATURE SHUTTLE SHUTTLE VLV
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  • Benefits of Using Micro Pumps and Miniature Valves in Sidestream Capnography
    This paper provides readers with an overview of the design challenges involved with Capnography Equipment. These challenges include the increased need to make portable devices that deliver instant accurate results, operate on batteries and simplify component assembly. The paper also discusses design
  • Medical Device Link . Packaging Technology for Miniature IVD Instrumentation
    enable manufacturers to micromachine miniature three-dimensional devices that incorporate a variety of electrical, mechanical, optical, thermal, magnetic, or chemical components. Such components, or modules, include pressure, chemical, flow, temperature, and humidity sensors; microfluidic pumps, valves
  • Mini valve features high flow
    flow rates exceed that of other miniature solenoid valves in its class largely because the coil and body are combined in a single unit with a unique, flow design. Conventional valves have separate coils and bodies. Energizing the X-Valve shifts a stainless-steel plunger and directs flow. A key
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pumps and Valves
    Miniature metering pumps are suited for precise, fixed-displacement, low-pressure OEM applications. Requiring only 2 3/8 in. of panel space, the pumps feature displacement ranges of 0 50 and 0 100 ul/stroke. The moulded components are fitted with a matched ceramic piston and liner housed
  • Proportional Valve Design Meets Control System Challenges
    Clippard Instrument Laboratory, long a pioneer in the miniature pneumatic industry, has achieved a breakthough in proportional valve technology with the introduction of the EVP series proportional valve. Since 1974, Clippard ( has produced the EV series valve, said to combine
  • Medical Device Link .
    or doctor�s office, home-healthcare devices come in compact, travel-friendly packages. To produce these and other portable packages, medical device firms need diminutive parts like those made by manufacturers that specialize in miniature pumps and valves. These manufacturers are turning out
  • Medical Device Link .
    technique is to shorten the travel distance of moving parts. Inside the miniature valves made by Parker Hannifin 's Pneutronics Div. (Hollis, NH), parts usually move no more than 0.02 in., reports market development manager Mark Garland. Another wear-reducing strategy is to use simple designs. For example
  • Measuring out fluids microdrop by microdrop
    a fluidic restriction and controls a miniature valve for ultra-precise fluid control. The sensor is based on a modified commercial

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  • Manual combustion engine
    For the case of the small valve intersection, Oa | Ol can be set in good proximity.
  • Racing car technique
    valve angle • By spark ignition engines preferably klopffeste combustion chambers that represents relatively small , central candle position and moderate compression ratios and piston with as flat piston head as possible.
  • Cathode-ray tubes and valves for television receivers
    American engineers were generous in assisting the war-time efforts to produce miniature valves .
  • Dubbel
    Every connection of a motor or that are controlled a cylinder via two resistors by switching valves the states resistance big (the valve closed) and the resistance can occupy also intermediate states little ( valve openly) and by continuous valves.
  • Racing car technique
    ...exhaust manifold and exhaust gas direction, big valve stroke and four valves per cylinder, the valve material is titanium thereby mostly (lower mass by about similar strength like steel) cooling improved •, valve angle particularly relatively small of the cylinder head, •...
  • Introduction into the oil hydraulic system
    Instead can on a membrane the plunger coil also on springs (8) and (9) to be suspended and to be equipped with a guide rod (10) for operation of a small valve slide (image 5.6 b).
  • New developments of valves for high pressure installations
    The least valve has the nominal width 24 mms, as, konnen become the still smaller valves mostly of hand betatigt.
  • High-frequency valve development for smart material electro-hydraulic actuators
    An array of miniature valves can increase the frequency response of check valves by decreasing the size and mass of each valve while maintaining the overall valve stiffness and flow rate.