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  • How to Select the Bend Radius of a Cable Carrier
    with space restrictions, to be larger than the recommended minimum bend radius of the cables and media that make up the fill package. igus (R) Cable Carriers -How to Select the Bend Radius. Search International (English)Internacional (Español)Australia (English)Argentina (Español)Беларусь (Русский
  • Software adds bends, helix, and wrappings to CAD
    the minimum radius the coil can go through while maintaining clearance between coils. The distance from the centerline of the helix to the sketch or graph controls the pitch. The farther the sketch from the centerline, the greater the pitch in that area. The length of each line segment controls
  • Ethernet Cable: A Guideline to Implementing Solid or Stranded Cables
    wiring system requirements. These radius for each cable. Bend radius is the minimum extent. standards provide useful guidelines for implementing a cable can be bent without kinking, suffering damaging. TURCK Inc. 3000 Campus Drive Minneapolis, MN 55441-2656. 2. Phone: 763-553-7300 • Application
  • Caring for Cables
    , these stopping points restrict the carrier from fully pivoting and form a curve loop or minimum bend radius. All cable carriers have multiple bend radii to choose from and all manufacturers suggest a minimum bend radius. If this is unknown, the general rule is 8-10 times the outer diameter of the largest
  • Uniflex-stow remote valve technology solves off shore valve control problems
    and curves. Type: ¾”. Maximum input torque:  54Nm. Minimum output torque over 11M distance:  36Nm. Maximum shaft deflection per meter at maximum torque: 33 degrees. Minimum bend radius : 380mm. Support  required : every  1.5M along length. Weight : 2.95Kg per meter. Uniflex-stow system components. The remote
  • Medical Device Link .
    in determining adequacy of flex lengths, minimum bend radius, and service loops. Lending physicality to the three-dimensional design, the mock-up can help to pinpoint problem areas early in the design process. Figure 2. A typical double-sided flex circuit viewed in cross section. Trace Routing
  • Strength and Reliability of Silica Optical Fibers in Automotive Communication Networks (.pdf)
    operation temperature of the fiber to 85°C; this essentially confines POF to applications within the passenger area of the automobile. In addition to a constrained temperature range, POF also has a high attenuation level (?150 dB/km) that restricts both the fiber length and minimum bending radius
  • Taking torque around corners
    for misalignments to 35 , and as high as 70 when used in pairs. Hardened wear surfaces make them damage tolerant. Block-and-pin joints get the nod for high-torque applications needing minimum maintenance, though they are somewhat
  • Sheet Metal Design Handbook (.pdf)
    the cost of punching or drilling in a secondary operation the following formulas can be. used to calculate the minimum distance required: For a hole < 1 " in diameter the minimum distance "D " = 2T + R (see fig. "B "). For a slot or hole > 1 " diameter then the minimum distance "D " = 2.5T + R (see
  • The Basics of Enclosure Design (.pdf)
    should stay a minimum distance from bend radii in order to avoid. deformation and wrinkling of the enclosure during forming. See Fig 2 below. Strictly. speaking the cutout need only avoid being on the bend, but in practice, an exclusion. zone of 1/16 " is suggested to allow for mfg tolerances. FIG 2

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