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  • Worcester Controls Corp. Eliminates Galling and Boosts Ball Valve Life 50% With Mirror-Smooth Coating
    pioneered the science of "synergistic" metal surface enhancement when it coated a wide variety of parts on spacecraft and space exploration equipment used in every single NASA space mission since the beginning of that agency. Then it broadened its mission to address earthbound challenges like
  • Reflections on Reflections
    reflection is used commercially in making safety products, such as arembands and night visible speed limit signs. It occurs whenever the structure of the surface is such that light striking the surface is preferentially reflected back in the direction of the source. This occurs for surfaces coated
  • Adaptive wavefront correction in two-photon microscopy using coherence-gated wavefront sensing
    20 cm, AC254–200-B; Thorlabs), L6 (focal length 10 cm, NT45–806; Edmund Optics), silver-coated mirrors M1–7 (340525; Linos), λ/2 wave-plate (10RP42–3; Newport, Irvine, CA), polarizing beamsplitter cube pBSC (335523; Linos), nonpolarizing beamsplitter cube BSC1 (BS011; Thorlabs), DM (37 ch; Oko
  • Medical Device Link .
    biological fluids in diagnostic test strips. These single- and double-faced hydrophilic adhesives and coated-tape products play an important role as components in in vitro diagnostic biosensors. For example, they are used as support components in lateral-flow devices by joining membrane and conjugate
  • Analytical techniques
    chromatographs, distributed control systems, or a host computer. Significant changes have been made in valves, columns, column systems and detectors. Tough polyamide coated fused silica columns with stabilised stationary phases have reached a high level of reliability and are routinely used in Process
  • High Power 7-GHz Bandwidth External-Cavity Diode Laser Array and its Use in Optically Pumping Singlet Delta Oxygen (.pdf)
    , Inc., has center wavelength at around 760 nm. It is comprised of 19 emitters each. with facet size of 150 μm and spaced 500 μm apart. The emitters’ front facets are anti-. reflection (AR) coated to about 0.5% reflectivity. A cylindrical microlens and a cylindrical. microlens array are attached
  • Optical Film Enhancements of LCDs, OLEDS and Plasma Displays
    coated before the vacuum processes and has a gloss of 60. This will reduce the degree of mirror-like reflections observed when the display is located in front of a user in a lighting situation in which the user s clothing would cause significant reflections. M is a very matte appearing surface having
  • Moisture Control in LCDs, OLEDs and Plasma Displays
    , such as on the bridge of a boat. This situation can be substantially improved by the use of antireflection (AR) coatings on the glass. All of the surfaces used in the insulated protective window may be so coated. This will add to the cost of the display, but the reflection losses can be reduced from approximately 4