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  • One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table
    they are integrated with a cutting table, in some respects they resemble their plasma counterparts. Solid-state lasers, including fiber lasers, deliver the beam to the workpiece via an optical fiber; plasma arc cutting uses a lead-style delivery. Neither thermal cutting technology relies on mirrors
  • LVP's Speed Capacity Pays for Machine
    jobs. With Mitsubishi's speed and reliability, it began turning over an increasingly larger volume of work. A few years later, an LVP-40CFX, and a Toyokoki HYB Press Brake were incorporated. "Earning new jobs hasn't been difficult, " Smith says. "When our competition is cutting 1/4 " at 60 inches
  • Minnesota Water Jet Shop Builds Thriving 'Green' Business with Jet Edge Waterjets
    Concepts has five waterjet cutting systems, including three 5-axis waterjets capable of cutting 3 dimensional parts and two Minnesota-made Jet Edge 2-axis water jet cutting machines for high volume cutting, including a workhorse High Rail Gantry waterjet machine with four cutting heads and 9'x13' work
  • Metalformer Laser - Cuts in 2d, Manages Growth in 3D
    Moroco, “and brought us customers— other shops that were shopping for laser-cutting machines to support their own inhouse needs, but that weren’t quite ready to invest in a machine.”. RosCommon also sold American Cap a new press brake, a 10-ft. 125- metric-ton machine from Toyokoki, to complement its
  • Medical Device Link .
    - and six-axis grinding machines require four operations to machine helicoidal drills: grinding the groove, grinding the back, start-grinding the centering point, and relief-grinding the cutting edge. The M 648 has four modular machining stations in a star shape and a loading station, enabling the four grinding
  • Medical Device Link .
    tools. With high-efficiency motor power of 11 or 7.5 kW per spindle, the machine offers up to 22 or 15 kW of cutting power for shaft-work turning with synchronised spindles. The three milling motors can have either 7.1 or 2.2 kW of output power. Other elements of machine construction include
  • Settings for Success: Techniques for Most Popular Engraving Materials (.pdf)
    and power settings depend mainly on two things: the first is the material you're engraving or cutting, and the second is the wattage of the machine you're using. On some materials such as wood, the higher wattage the machine, the faster you can set the speed to get to the same engraving depth
  • Medical Device Link .
    for the development of tubular devices and implants. Dearborn Precision, 80 Portland St., Fryeburg, ME 04037. Machining and contract manufacturing A full-service contract manufacturer has capabilities in precision laser cutting and welding, five-axis CNC, five-axis machining and grinding, and five-axis EDM
  • Combining 2-D and 3-D Laser Applications
    technology have made it possible to perform 2-D, multiaxis laser cutting and welding on one machine, as illustrated in Figure 2. Benefits include expanded market potential and increased capital utilization. Figure 2. Several manufacturers make multiaxis laser cutting and welding machine tools. Laser
  • CAD unlocks spiral manufacturing
    shapes cutting aluminum parts on a milling machine, " says Takach. "The mill has a 12 x 16-in. work envelope and an inversion tool in the software lets it machine even larger parts. We cut half the part, flip it, then machine the other half. " Another plus: the software converts imported 3D CAD