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  • Mixing and Blending Controllers-Image
    Mixing and Blending Controllers - (48 companies)
    ...and network-ready mixing controllers and blending controllers are also available. A mix controller or blend controller with digital controls may include human machine interface (HMI) software or provide supervisory data acquisition and control (SCADA... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Audio Mixers and Consoles-Image
    Audio Mixers and Consoles - (217 companies) mixer that uses audio mixer software. This type of mixing console is a compact, lightweight audio mixer with multi-effect processors which allows the mixer to deliver best performance. A M10-E mixing board is a lightweight soundboard powered... Learn More
  • Gas Cabinets and Distribution Systems-Image
    Gas Cabinets and Distribution Systems - (124 companies)
    Gas cabinets and distribution systems consist of vaporizers, gas cabinets, gas manifolds, mass flow controllers, valves, pressure sensors and associated interconnect tubing configured to deliver bulk and specialty gases to process equipment. How... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Video Switchers - (172 companies)
    Video switchers control video display sequences for multiple camera systems. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Sound Cards - (52 companies)
    Sound cards are computer expansion cards that enable audio inputs and outputs. They connect to the computer via the internal bus or an external connection. Learn More
  • CCFL Controller ICs - (14 companies)
    CCFL controllers provide control functions for direct drive inverters used to operate cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL). CCFLs are used for back or edge lighting of liquid crystal flat panel displays (LCFPD) . CCFL controllers provide control... Learn More
  • Motion Controllers - (478 companies)
    ...and computer interface. The form factor for motion controllers can be stand alone or board or module. A stand alone controller can be run independently of a host computer. A board or module plugs into a computer, a rack, or a backplane. Computer... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Feed Screws and Mixer Screws - (117 companies)
    Feed Screws and mixing Screws are screws or augers placed in bins, silos, extruders, hoppers, or molding machine to provide uniform flow. As the screw turns, process material is mixed and conveyed. Feed screws (feedscrews) and mixer screws... Learn More
  • Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Modules - (49 companies)
    Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Modules Information. Programmable automation controller (PAC) modules are add-on devices that perform a specific control function in PAC systems. There are many types of PAC modules. Examples include analog I... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Systems - (58 companies)
    Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Systems Information. Programmable automation controller (PAC) systems consist of PAC modules, each of which performs a specific function. PAC systems are used in motion control, machine control, machine... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Handling Precautions for Schottky Barrier Mixer and Detector Diodes. ./cf68f09d-957a-4968-9a9d-9dd383f21152 aPPLICaTION NOTE. Handling Precautions for Schottky Barrier Mixer. and Detector Diodes. Damage by Burnout from Static Electricity. Source of Static Electricity. Precautions. Operator...

- Biological Atmosphere Gas Mixer. Gas Dilutors and Gas Dividers. Series 2010. Series 2014. Series 2020. Series 2020 CEMCS. Series 4040. Gas Mixers and Gas Dilutors. Series 2040. Series 4020. Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device. ROBD2 - Series 6202. Preview! ROBD3. ROBD Simulator Accessory Package...

The company, a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer of sanitary process equipment, will feature the newly redesigned Model C-CS, which offers longer diaphragm life and increased capacity. Mixer for Low-Shear, High-Purity Applications Booth 1119 The new Clean Sweep Mixer from . revolutionizes mixing technology... The drum assembly rotates indepen-. clamps and flexible connections for. add the next powder ingredient. dently from the front hood assembly. dust-control, a foot-pedal controller, a. and is the mixer’s only moving part. conveyor, and an automated bag. An inlet chute at the top center of the. sewer...

Monitoring temperature at the center of a stirring tang. Wireless power supply can improve these issue!!!. ./95ca9f08-02ac-4afe-a739-817a2a4a5749 Remote System. Mixer / Tank. Monitoring temperature at the center of a stirring tank rotating. controller. Previous problems. output sensor. - Very...

Mixers and Gas Blenders. Series 2000. Series 2000 Ultraclean. Series 4000. Zero Air Generators. Series 7000. Zero Air Generator Maintenance. Gas Blending - Gas Delivery Systems. Series 3000 - Gas on Demand. Biological Atmosphere Incubation Mixers. Series 3000 - Biological Atmosphere Gas Mixer. Gas...

...and blends it with water in a mixer. The resulting slurry is pumped to the. construction site, where air is added at the nozzle, atomizing the material as it's sprayed onto the steel structure. Since 2000, Isolatek's Stanhope site is using loss-in-weight feeders to meter its main ingredients. Jim...

...of time. A condenser removes any acid in the. ventilation stream. Neutralization Schematic. Cooling Water. Base. Air. Condensed Liquid. Acid. First Approach. Use of a Mixer unit op in CHEMCAD to. add all the base to all the acid in one. iteration. Absolutely... metered in. over a period of time. A condenser removes any acid in the. ventilation stream. Neutralization Schematic. Cooling Water. Base. Air. Condensed Liquid. Acid. First Approach. Use of a Mixer unit op in CHEMCAD to. add all the base to all the acid in one...

...balanced inlet and outlet spool assemblies that do not displace material during the shift from the reload to the dispense position. This feature enables pressure feeding of the right- and left-side components at up to 1200 psi during reloading while the materials are isolated from the mixer inlet...

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Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium-grade DJ equipment, introduces the DNMC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller, a four-channel/eight-source

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# lspci -v | grep -i audio 0000:00:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live!

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in Linux: ttyS (terminal), lp (parallel port), hd (disk), loop (loopback disk device), sound (these include mixer, sequencer, dsp, and audio)...[3

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