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  • Aerogels Handbook
    MF Melamine–formaldehyde aerogels Micropores According to IUPAC convention, micropores are pores with a characteristic size (e.g., diameter when meaningful) below 2 nm Microporous Material with pores size in the 0.1–2 nm range MLI Multilayer insulation MMA Methylmethacrylate Mould A...
  • The SERMS Laboratory: A Research and Test Facility for Space Payloads and Instrumentation
    To minimize radiative heat exchange, all the crates have been covered with a thermal blanket called MLI ( Multi Layer Insulation ).
  • The Design and Construction of Large Optical Telescopes
    MLI MultiLayer Insulation .
  • Potential of a New Lunar Surface Radiator Concept for Hot Lunar Thermal Environments
    LIST OF ACRONYMS EMU Extravehicular Mobility Unit EVA Extravehicular Activity IR Infrared Thermal Radiation LLO Low Lunar Orbit MLI Multilayer Insulation PLSS Portable Life Support System SINDA Systems Improved Numerical Data Analyzer ULTRA Upright Lunar Terrain Radiator Assembly VOFPR Vertically Oriented...
  • Radiation Shielding for Space Exploration: the MoMa - COUNT Programme
    DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS ALTCRISS Alteino Long Term Cosmic Ray Measurements on board the ISS MoMa From Molecules to Man LEO Low Earth Orbit MLI Multi Layer Insulation PARIDE PARticle & Ion Dosimetry Experiment REMSIM Radiation Exposure and Mission Strategies for Interplanetary Manned...
  • Lunar Portable Life Support System Heat Rejection Study
    ACRONYMS CSSE Constellation spacesuit element EMU extravehicular mobility unit EVA extravehicular activity HP heat pump IR infrared MLI multilayer insulation PGS Pressurized Garment System PLSS Portable Life Support System SPCM sub-cooled change phase material SS spacesuit SSP sub-solar point...
  • The Thermal Control Design and Test Philosophy of the Proteus Platform
    ...thermal control components used on Proteus, which are well defined and flight qualified ones, are: silvered SSM (Second Surface Mirror) on radiators white paint (on dedicated cylindrical radiator of launcher adaptor) external and internal MLI ( Multi Layers Insulation ) thermal straps and insulating...
  • CUPOLA Environmental Control System
    ...Overall Geometrical Mathematical Model IOTMM Integrated Overall Thermal Mathematical Model ISS International Space Station ITCS Internal Thermal Control System ITT Invitation To Tender I/F Interface Lab Laboratory (Module) m meter M/D Micrometeoroids / Debris MLI Multi Layers Insulation MPLM Mini Pressurized Logistic...
  • INTEGRAL Spectrometer Thermal Balance Test
    ...Flight Model HTP High Temperature Protection I/F Interface K Kelvin LCR Lower Collimator Ring LSA Lower Structure sub-Assembly LTP Low Temperature Protection LVS Lower Veto Shield MKA MasK sub-Assembly MKR MasK Ring MLI MultiLayer Insulation PAC PAssive Cooling PLM...
  • Heat Rejection/Retention Characteristics of a Re-deployable Radiator for Venus Exploration Mission
    DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS ABS Absorber EM Engineering model HRM Hold and release mechanism JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency MLI Multilayer insulation PGS Pyrolytic graphite sheet PM Proto-model RA Reversible actuator RTP Reversible thermal panel SCSMA Single crystal shape memory alloy .