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  • Automatic Modal Analysis. Reality or Myth?
    to improve the modal analysis process are: How to select poles in stabilization diagram. How to speed up the iterative process of poles selection on stabilization diagram. How to ensure that consistent analyses are obtained from different people from the same setup and measurement. How to select poles
  • Modal Analysis Versus Finite-Element Analysis
    problems that occur in the field. Modal analysis and finite-element analysis are two popular CAE tools. The terms in the title of this editorial require a brief explanation. Modal analysis has become the favorite label for what is more accurately called experimental modal analysis (EMA), or modal testing
  • Shake, rattle, and modal analysis
    less press. Yet examining a part or structure's modal vibrations can point the way to product longevity and design changes to prevent annoying or potentially hazardous vibrations. Analyzing a structure's normal modes or natural frequencies also finds its resonant frequencies. Examples include a diving
  • Understanding Modal Parameter Technology and Mode Shape Scaling
    Modal analysis has become a frequently used method for studying the dynamic behavior of. mechanical structures. This technique is usually presented using parameters which are. defined by complicated mathematical derivations. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the. experimentalist to apply
  • Modal Excitation Source
    Modal excitation sources impart vibrations into a system for modal analysis. The system is stimulated or vibrated by the excitation source and then external accelerometers measure the resulting vibration signature. Modal analysis is the process of breaking complex structural motion into individual
  • LMS Engineering Services Performed a Modal Test Campaign on Goodrich Landing Gear for the Airbus A380
    In the Super Rig at Goodrich Corporation's landing gear facility in Oakville, Ontario (Canada), LMS engineering consultants subjected a body landing gear prototype assembly for the Airbus A380 to Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA). After suspending the 12,000 pound body gear 12 feet high above
  • Application Note - Modal Testing on Hockey Sticks
    to improve the performance of their. sticks, one popular hockey stick manufacture used the CoCo signal. analyzer to characterize this modal behavior. They used an impact. hammer for excitation, an accelerometer to measure response, the CoCo. for data acquisition, and ME’scope for the analysis. Hammer
  • Identification of the Modal Properties of an Elastic Structure From Measured Transfer Function Data
    A technique for identifying the modal properties of an elastic structure in a testing. laboratory is presented. The technique is based upon the use of digital processing and the. fast Fourier transform (FFT) to obtain transfer function data, and then the use of a least. squared error estimator

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