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  • Thermocouple Simulators and RTD Simulators-Image
    Thermocouple Simulators and RTD Simulators - (40 companies)
    Thermocouple simulators and resistance temperature detector (RTD) simulators provide precise standard values of resistance or voltage for simulation and calibration. Thermocouple simulators and RTD simulators provide precise standard values...
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    Temperature Coefficient
    Motion Simulators and Rate Tables - (21 companies)
    Motion simulators are designed to simulate the motion that an object will be subjected to. Motion simulators can be used for a variety of applications, such as the evaluation and testing of sensors and inertial components and systems, and vehicle...
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  • Solar Simulators and Light Sources-Image
    Solar Simulators and Light Sources - (55 companies)
    How to Select Solar Simulators and Light Sources. Solar simulators and light sources produce a simulated solar spectrum for plant growth, material-degradation simulations, weathering tests for coatings, photovoltaic (PV) cell testing, sunblock...
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  • RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 Interfaces-Image
    RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 Interfaces - (50 companies)
    RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 are standard interfaces approved by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) for connecting serial devices. They are serial communication standards providing asynchronous communication capability with hardware flow...
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  • Resistors-Image
    Resistors - (788 companies)
    Resistors are electrical components that oppose the flow of either direct or alternating current. They are used to protect, operate, or control circuits.
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    Serial Cables - (335 companies)
    How to Select Serial Cables. Serial cables are used for the serial transmission of data. They support communication standards such as RS232, RS422, and RS485, as well as Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394 or FireWire (R) (Apple Computer, Inc.), and universal...
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    Serial Adapters - (150 companies)
    Serial adapters provide one or more serial ports to a host computer. They interface with the host computer via a data bus and add RS232, RS422, RS485 and/or other types of serial ports. Serial adapters are devices that permit interfacing between...
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    Serial Data Converters - (164 companies)
    ...converters. Input and Output Standards. Serial data converters can have one of several input and output standards that they connect between. These include RS232, RS422, RS485, current loop, fiber optic and USB. RS232 stands for Recommended Standard 232C...
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    Serial Servers - (91 companies)
    Serial servers are used to connect serial devices to a Local Area Network / Wide Area Network without additional hardware.
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    Serial Communications Products - (420 companies) without the use of a personal computer (PC). Protocol. Communications protocols include formats and rules for telecommunication systems. RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 are all important serial protocols. A serial device may feature multiple...
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  • Advances in Future Computer and Control Systems
    Zhao, X.: Design of Extend MODBUS Protocol for RS485 Bus Module of Measurement and Control. Qiu, X., Li, A., Yin, N.: The Design of Control System of the Vehicle Simulator .
  • Modbus
    The P485 Modbus to Profibus Converter is an external DIN-rail mounted device which provides Profibus network connectivity to Modbus devices via a serial RS232/RS422/ RS485 inter... Modbus PLC Simulator .
  • Training the burning boys | Archive | The Engineer
    Up to 32 individual logging points can be incorporated within the simulator . Up to 128 controllers can be configured from a single PC using the software and the controllers can be situated 1200 metres away from the PC, using RS485 and the Modbus protocols.
  • Photovoltaic
    TR8- RS485 - Solar (PV) String Monitoring Systems … Effect CTs1000Vdc Voltage measurement8 digital inputs for status identification of 3rd party equipmentRS485 Modbus communications interfaceDIN rail … PVS01202 - PV Simulator .
    If you are an Industrial Control engineer or technician dealing with Modbus RTUs, PLCs, Drivers and SCADA servers, you must have Modbus TCP Plant Simulator is your toolbox. Have three channel digital inputs and optional RS485 -Modbus communication functionality.
  • Programmers / 2
    Modbus Network Simulator will allow SCADA programmers to stress test their net Universal programmable input and outputs RS485 , Analog & Relay output.
  • Neural networks based home energy management system in residential PV scenario
    Communication between PV inverter, energy meter and fanless PC is done through RS485 connection and modbus protocol. A. Simulator Structure .
    The solar simulator is Agilent E4360A with a maximum power The Accuenergy L-series meter has an RS485 serial communication port to facilitate external The Accuenergy L-series smart meter adopts Modbus series communication protocol .
  • A flexible low cost embedded system for Model Predictive Control of industrial processes
    … and the results obtained with a hardware-in- the-loop experiment of an ethanol distillation process simulator . The solution proposed offer an embedded system with the following characteristics: (i) Easy integration with numerous industrial communication protocols (FIELDBUS, MODBUS , RS485 , RS232); (ii) Fast configuration of the controller and of the hardware; (iii) Multiple MIMO MPC algorithms with different characteristics.
  • Rs485 Converter Exporters, Rs485 Converter Selling Leads
    choice of communications: RS232, RS485 , Modbus , Profibus, HART, etc.. IC200ACC450 Simulator for VersaMax Nano.