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  • Coupling Motion Systems for Zero Backlash
    and stops inherently cause vibration in this type of system. Couplings that dampen these vibrations reduce settling times and increase through-put. The second type of system operates in a constant scanning mode. Unlike the stopand- go approach,
  • TA027: Coupling Effects Between Lumped Elements
    dimensions of the structure, mode of propagation (TEM (transverse electromagnetic) or non-TEM), the frequency of operation, and the direction of propagation of the primary power. In these structures, there is a continuous coupling between the electromagnetic fields of the two components known as parasitic
  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Force Sensors
    Low Impedance Voltage Mode (LIVM) force sensors contain thin piezoelectric crystals which generate analog voltage signals in response to applied dynamic forces. A built in IC chip amplifier converts the high impedance signal generated by the crystals to a low impedance voltage suitable
  • Medical Device Link .
    laptop computer illustrates the 3-D measurement on-screen, records all of the data, and then creates a 3-D blueprint. Features include Bluetooth cable-free operation; the company 's i-Probe, equipped with size recognition and built-in probe-temperature sensor; autosleep mode; universal quick mount
  • Ship's Steering Gear Motor Problem Diagnosed Using IR Technology (.pdf)
    The Queen of Saanich Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry experienced a high temperature bearing problem with one of its main steering gear motors. IR analysis showed the non drive end thrust bearing as the source of the heat being generated. It was thought at the time that the bearing was in failure mode
  • Clutches
    would result in too much wear and maintenance. Clutches rely on mechanical or electromagnetic action for torque transmission. However, they are usually identified by their mode of actuation: mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic. Although the four operating modes are considered highly
  • High-res moves
    /sec, have no travel limits, and achieve submicron resolutions. Additional advantages include a small footprint, direct-drive capability which simplifies the control scheme, and a single motion mechanism for both linear and rotary applications. Nanomotion's approach combines the standard resonant mode
  • Organic semiconductor devices for micro-optical applications
    of an organic semiconductor material into a single-mode polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). waveguide.

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