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  • Coupling Motion Systems for Zero Backlash
    , a zero-backlash coupling guarantees the ball screw shaft turns the same 90 . Vision and inspection systems usually operate in one of two general modes. One is the stop-and-image motion system that moves quickly to one spot, takes a picture, and then moves on to capture another image. Rapid starts
  • TA027: Coupling Effects Between Lumped Elements
    dimensions of the structure, mode of propagation (TEM (transverse electromagnetic) or non-TEM), the frequency of operation, and the direction of propagation of the primary power. In these structures, there is a continuous coupling between the electromagnetic fields of the two components known as parasitic
  • Introduction to Piezoelectric Force Sensors
    Low Impedance Voltage Mode (LIVM) force sensors contain thin piezoelectric crystals which generate analog voltage signals in response to applied dynamic forces. A built in IC chip amplifier converts the high impedance signal generated by the crystals to a low impedance voltage suitable
  • Ship's Steering Gear Motor Problem Diagnosed Using IR Technology (.pdf)
    The Queen of Saanich Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry experienced a high temperature bearing problem with one of its main steering gear motors. IR analysis showed the non drive end thrust bearing as the source of the heat being generated. It was thought at the time that the bearing was in failure mode
  • Organic semiconductor devices for micro-optical applications
    and the dynamic behaviour are analysed. In the. combination with a polymeric optical fibre (POF) a transmission line comprising a organic light emitting diode and. organic photodiodes is demonstrated. An important step towards integration is realized by coupling the amplified. spontaneous emission
  • High-res moves
    Nanomotion motors work by generating ultrasonic standing waves. When motor elements are preloaded (compressed) against a bearing structure, the motor works as a friction drive, pushing a mass to produce linear, rotary, or spherical motion depending on the coupling mechanism. Many fields
  • Composite Ultrasound Arrays for Operation Above 20 MHz
    Methods for fabricating and modeling high frequency 2-2 composites and arrays are presented. The composites are suitable for arrays and small aperture single element devices operating above 20 MHz. Coupling coefficients above 0.65 and lateral mode frequencies near 60 MHz were achieved
  • Synchronization
    multi-frequency harmonics and subharmonics from the power bus (see Figures 6A & 6B for oscillograms of reflected ripple with and without synchronization). The design of the 15W series is based on a current mode PWM in a forward topology configuration. The oscillation frequency is set by a RT-CT

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  • Photonic Microresonator Research and Applications
    where βn,u are the propagation constants of the straight waveguide modes and complex amplitudes ˜bn,u(z) take into account mode coupling within the bend.
  • Cavity Optomechanics
    The realisation that these devices exhibit co-localised mechanical modes coupled via radiation pressure to the WGM enabled dynamical backaction physics and a variety of other optomechanical phe- nomena to be observed and explored in an experimental setting.
  • Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits
    6 Perturbation, Coupled-Mode Theory, Modal Excitations, and Applications 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Introduction Guided-Mode Power and Effective Width Perturbation Theory Coupled-Mode Theory: Two- Mode Coupling 6.4.1 Contradirectional Coupling: Gratings 6.4.2 DFB …
  • Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Sensors
    … Distributed Sensors Based on Fiber Interferometers 5.5.1 Configuration and Characteristics of Interferometric Fiber Sensors 5.5.2 Low Coherence Technology in a Distributed Sensor System 5.5.3 Sensors Based on Speckle Effect and Mode Coupling in Multimode Fiber Problems …
  • Photonic Microsystems
    A final point to note about modal dispersion is that it is somewhat mitigated by mode coupling .
  • The Jahn-Teller Effect
    For example, as the electronic state of C60 has T1u symmetry, two ag and eight hg vibrational modes couple to the T1u state.
  • Fiber Based Dispersion Compensation
    Taking into account the mode coupling , bend-induced PMD, Δτ is expressed by [41] .
    … torsional wavepacket in all the accessible coordinate region, which can be attributed not only to the possibility of jumping from a diabatic surface to the other, but also to the dephasing induced by the strong mode- mode coupling present in the adiabatic …