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  • Lathes and Turning Centers-Image
    Lathes and Turning Centers - (728 companies)
    ...of specifications. A wood lathe is available in many sizes, from small pen lathes to huge bowl turning machines. A wood lathe is designated according to the maximum diameter of material that can be swung over the bed. A wood lathe capable of turning an 11-inch... Learn More
  • Live Centers-Image
    Live Centers - (63 companies)
    Live centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tool, often between the headstock and tailstock. Live centers revolve with the workpiece. Live centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Chucks-Image
    Chucks - (426 companies)
    Electrostatic wafer chucks (electrostatic chucks) are designed for semiconductor-manufacturing equipment. Gear chucks are designed to hold gears during machining. Grinding chucks used in grinding equipment. Lathe chucks are designed for use with lathes... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Turning Tools-Image
    Turning Tools - (165 companies)
    Turning Tools Information. Turning tools are used on lathes for cutting or finishing the outside diameter of a workpiece. Turning tools can be used to produce cylindrical parts. In its basic form, turning can be defined as the machining... Learn More
  • Swiss Screw Machines-Image
    Swiss Screw Machines - (45 companies) up to 1.250 in. diameter with consistently excellent surface finishes. Swiss screw machines are a type of automatic or motion controlled lathe that performs very precise turning, lathing and machining of metal parts. Swiss screw machines use... Learn More
  • Steady Rests and Follower Rests - (17 companies)
    Steady rests and follower rests are lathe accessories that hold a long workpiece steady during turning. Steady rests are mounted to the bed and do not move with the lathe. Follower rests attach to the saddle and move along with or follow the lathe... Learn More
  • Screw Machines - (49 companies)
    Screw Machines Information. Screw machines are machine tools that use a number of cutting tools, fed into a rotating rod or bar, to make screws and other turned parts. A screw machine is a type of automatic turret lathe, that performs turning... Learn More
  • CNC Controllers - (161 companies)
    ...of control. CNC controllers are used to retrofit many types of machine shop equipment. Examples include horizontal mills, vertical mills, lathes and turning centers, grinders, electro discharge machining (EDM) equipment, torch tables, automatic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Dead Centers - (40 companies)
    Dead centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tool. They do not revolve with the workpiece. How to Select Dead Centers. Dead centers are used to hold or support a workpiece in a lathe or other machine tools - often... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tailstocks and Bench Centers - (23 companies)
    ...lathes are small and sit directly on a workbench or table, and do not have a stand. A bench center is an important lathe component and is available in various sizes according to the work piece requirements. An inspection accessory is necessary... Learn More
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If you search Google for Mini Lathe you will find some very good sites with far more information that I can post here.  I got the ideas for these two

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Spindle motor drive modification to minimize chances of future problems

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Sieg C6 Lathe Introduction (04/18/07) For many of us who started out with the mini

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You got few of, what in my opinion are the big advantages of a VS lathe ? the ability to sand at low speeds, the ability to slowly ramp up the speed

The Web's Mini Lathe & Hobby Lathe Tooling Source Dedicated to Serving the Home Machinist Lathemaster Mini Lathe offers great prices, quality and

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JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe by Jet
JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe

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lathe to grinder? KMG grinder build help! Grinder modification - do I need to adjust the spring?

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