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  • Patch Panels-Image
    Patch Panels - (235 companies)
    ...12-Mbps serial bus for low-to-medium speed peripheral device connections to personal computers (PC) and peripherals. Other port types for patch panels include audio plugs and jacks, flat or ribbon cable connectors, and insulation displacement connectors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Modular Connectors and RJ Connectors-Image
    Modular Connectors and RJ Connectors - (292 companies)
    Plugs mate with receptacles, jacks, outlets, etc. Female / jack - Female connectors or jacks are connecting devices into which plugs are inserted to make circuit connections. Terminal Options. Terminals are devices designed to terminate a conductor... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Patch Cables and Cords-Image
    Patch Cables and Cords - (246 companies)
    How to Select Patch Cables and Cords. Patch cables and cords are flexible cables that are terminated at both ends with a plug and used to interconnect circuits on patch panels. They are used with patch panels, groups of ports that connect lines... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Phone Jacks and Plugs-Image
    Phone Jacks and Plugs - (214 companies)
    ...jacks (RJ), licensed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and described as RJ-nn, where nn is a two-digit number. The RJ-11, the most common type of telephone jack, can have six conductors but is usually implemented with four. Typically... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Lifting Jacks-Image
    Lifting Jacks - (448 companies)
    ...height is the distance from the jack base to the lifting element in the fully-extended position. Standards. BS EN 1494 - MOBILE OR MOVABLE JACKS AND ASSOCIATED LIFTING EQUIPMENT... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Modular Enclosures - (127 companies)
    How to Select Modular Enclosures. Modular enclosures consist of smaller components that can be assembled to create custom enclosures, often for temporary or mobile systems. These modular components are available in standard sizes and allow modular... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Modular Building Systems - (285 companies)
    Modular building systems are buildings that are constructed in sections in a factory before being delivered to a site for assembly. Prefab buildings, modular buildings, modular offices, and manufactured buildings are all terms used to describe... Learn More
  • Modular Framing Systems - (195 companies)
    Modular framing systems are essential industrial erector sets made of steel, aluminum, or composite materials. How to Select Modular Framing Systems. Image Credit: Bluco Modular Fixturing | Babu Exports. Modular fixturing and framing systems... Learn More
  • Modular and Prefabricated Bridges - (41 companies)
    Modular and prefabricated bridges are traffic spans that are constructed in sections on or off-location before being installation. These bridges can be used on a temporary basis or designed for permanent use. Modular and prefabricated bridges... Learn More
  • Pry Bars - (20 companies) ergonomic handle at the other end, while other bars are designed to pry with both ends. A set of pry bars with handles (left); a two-ended pry bar. Image credit: Harbor Freight... Learn More
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760066571 Patch Panels GigaSpeed XL GS3 Category 6 Modular Patch Panel is a 19-inch rack or wall mountable 8-pin modular jack panel that accommodates repeated line moves, additions and rearrangements. Features: - 110 connector terminations on rear of panel allow quick and easy installation of 22 to 24 AWG cable...
760066563 Patch Panels GigaSpeed XL GS3 Category 6 Angled Modular Patch Panel is a 19-inch rack or wall mountable 8-pin modular jack panel that accommodates repeated line moves, additions and rearrangements. Features: - Panel comes ready to install, including front and rear labels. - 110 connector terminations on rear...

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  • Belden 3600 Pre-Terminated “Green�? Cabling System Reduces Installation Time and Costs, Provides Reliable Category 6 Performance (24/09/2009 15:41:19)
    Each is labeled with a unique serial number and bar code for easier asset management. • CAT6+ RJ45 Modular Couplers – the inherent simplicity of this RJ45-RJ45 feed-through coupler (or... ...and long channels and it is reusable and reconfigurable for both front and back patch panel reconfiguration. Also Available − New KeyConnect Modular Jack Colors Belden has also announced that its KeyConnect 10GX, CAT6...