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    Modular Framing Systems - (195 companies)
    ...for high levels of flexibility and customization. Metal framing systems are more popular but there are varieties that are made of fiberglass and other composites. These systems are commonly referred to as metal framing systems, strut framing systems... Learn More
  • Modular Enclosures-Image
    Modular Enclosures - (129 companies)
    How to Select Modular Enclosures. Modular enclosures consist of smaller components that can be assembled to create custom enclosures, often for temporary or mobile systems. These modular components are available in standard sizes and allow modular... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Modular Connectors and RJ Connectors-Image
    Modular Connectors and RJ Connectors - (295 companies)
    Modular connectors and RJ connectors includes two similar, yet distinct styles of connectors. Modular connectors are made of "plug-in units" which can be added together to make the system larger, improve the capabilities, or expand its size... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Modular Building Systems-Image
    Modular Building Systems - (284 companies)
    Modular building systems are buildings that are constructed in sections in a factory before being delivered to a site for assembly. Prefab buildings, modular buildings, modular offices, and manufactured buildings are all terms used to describe... Learn More
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    Modular and Prefabricated Bridges - (40 companies)
    Modular and prefabricated bridges are traffic spans that are constructed in sections on or off-location before being installation. These bridges can be used on a temporary basis or designed for permanent use. Modular and prefabricated bridges... Learn More
  • Cleanrooms - (206 companies)
    ...and these are generally permanent structures. Modular cleanrooms are constructed on site from pre-cut and assembled components, such as walls, ceiling grid struts and other components. Modular hardwall cleanrooms provide the rigidity and durability of a freestanding room... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Workbenches and Workstations (Industrial) - (706 companies)
    ...are commonly available. Modular products that are designed for office environments are available in a range of colors, sizes, and styles. Industrial workbenches and industrial workstations that feature ergonomic designs can improve worker... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Lifts - (1782 companies)
    Lifts are used to raise and lower material, personnel, vehicles, and workpieces for loading and working positioning. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bearing Pullers and Tools - (60 companies)
    Bearing pullers and bearing tools are devices for assembling and disassembling bearings. They are often hand-held and manually-powered devices, but this area also includes mountable and powered devices like bearing heaters used before assembly. Learn More
  • Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs - (470 companies)
    Posts, binding, terminal board, electrical. MIL-C-28754/18 - Connectors, electrical, modular, spacer, pin, type IV, single span. NAS1129 - Standoff, threaded, self-clinching. Resources. Image Credits: Spirol International Corporation | Ark-Plas... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Conduct Research

...output signal. The modular approach makes it possible to optimize sensors for. different applications. For example, packaging has expanded. The Temposonics II came along in 1988. It displayed slightly better. beyond the original hydraulic (rod) housing style to include profile. nonlinearity than...

" sensors primarily for industrial fieldbus network applications. The inherent modular design of the Temposonics product line enables the use of a variety of digital "personality modules" for direct use with a wide range of fieldbus protocols including CANbus, DeviceNet, Profibus and Interbus. Other...

...consists of a near infrared laser source in the 1000 nm wavelength range that cuts tubular materials, including stainless steel or memory shaped alloys such as Nitinol (NiTi). Other less common stent manufacturing techniques involve the welding of preformed rings (modular stents) and cutting flat sheet...

...and others. Magnetostrictive linear position measurement was limited however in the number of applications it could. address because each sensor, though modular, required handwork to assemble. Industrial versions of the sen-. sors come in a myriad of types and sizes to suit the wide range of industrial...

...applications can be assembled and packaged in a Class 100,000 cleanroom. The modular hard-wall installation permits the creation of microenvironments for projects that require strict environmental controls; the work area can also be expanded. The company has expertise in the precision machining...

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