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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Si4420 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs Not Provided EZRadio; RF transmitter with fully integrated PLL; high-bit rate (up to 115.2 kbps in digital mode and 256 kbps in analog mode); stable and accurate FSK modulation with programmable deviation
SX1240ISTRT ASAP Semiconductor SEMTECH Not Provided GPSS WL SKU APP1; Modulation Type:FSK, OOK; Data Rate:100Kbps; T
XE1203FI063TRLF ASAP Semiconductor SEMTECH Not Provided GPSS WL SKU APP1; Modulation Type:FSK; Data Rate:152.3Kbps; Rece
XE1205I074TRLF ASAP Semiconductor SEMTECH Not Provided GPSS WL SKU APP1; Modulation Type:FSK; Data Rate:4.8Kbps; Receiv

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  • Optical Bit Error Rate - Preface
    channels as memory-. less and the signals as modulated with the most traditional on-off technique;. channels with memory or multilevel modulation that are applicable to other transmission. media are the subject of other textbooks and also of current research. With. this objective in mind, this book
  • Multifarious control of two-photon excitation of multiple fluorophores achieved by phase modulation of ultra-broadband laser pulses
    We propose two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) microscopy employing a novel phase modulation technique of ultra-broadband laser pulses, which allows the relative excitation of an individual fluorophore with respect to other fluorophores. This technique is based on the generation
  • Stay Connected with the Next Generation of Wireless
    devices use to communicate with each other, 802.11n offers WLANs increased channel size, higher modulation rates, and reduced overhead. 802.11n can operate in either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands and is backwards-compatible with existing 802.11a/b/g deployments to future-proof your wireless investments
  • VHF Omni Directional Range Frequency and FM Deviation Control of the 9960 Hz Sub-Carrier (.pdf)
    -. Table 2. quency modulation. FM Deviation. VOR Rate. Ratio. The VOR 9960 Hz sub-carrier is 332 times the 30 Hz VOR rate. 480 Hz. 30 Hz. 16:1. and the 480 Hz FM deviation is 16 times the 30 Hz VOR rate. The. 510 Hz. 31.9 Hz. 17:1. 450 Hz. 28.1 Hz. 15:1. ICAO specification for the 9960 Hz sub-carrier
  • Digital Signal Processing - Design Guide
    at relatively low cost. DSP techniques can perform functions such as Fast-Fourier Transforms (FFT), delay equalization, programmable gain, modulation, encoding/decoding, and filtering. FDI DSP - Digital Signal Processing - Design Guide. DSP Design Guide. August 2003 Download the digital guide as a PDF file
  • rfRXD0420 ASK Receiver Reference Design
    applications The specifics of this receiver reference design are: * Single channel, fixed frequency at 433.92 MHz * ASK modulation * Signal rate: 4800 baud Complete schematics and PCB layout are given in Appendix A. Bill of Materials (BOM) are in Appendix B. Gerber files are available in the companion file
  • rfRXD0420 Receiver Module
    applications The specifics of the receiver module design are: Single channel, fixed frequency at 315 MHz and 433.92 MHz ASK modulation Signal rate: 4800 baud Schematics, PCB layout, and Bill-of-Materials (BOM) are provided in the following sections. Gerber files are available on the rfPIC Development Kit
  • Medical Device Link .
    characteristics control specific host responses, and that modulation of the former should lead to modification of the latter and the production of better biocompatibility-based performance. The actual evidence, however, would suggest otherwise. This may be considered from two perspectives: clinical experience
  • Preface
    - and semiconductor-based optical devices. The second volume, subtitled Telecommunication Systems, deals with the design of modern lightwave systems; the acronym LT1 is used to refer to the material in the first volume. The first two introductory chapters cover topics such as modulation formats
  • DSP GMSK Modem for Mobitex and Other Wireless Infrastructures
    Mobitex is a packetized wireless 900-MHz wide area network (WAN) that allows mobile/portable subscribers to transfer data, including e-mail, through the growing national and international network infrastructure. The network operates with an 8-kbps data rate using GMSK.3 modulation. User terminals

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