Products/Services for Mogul Ceramic Socket

    Lampholders - (62 companies)
    Shell lampholders use a screw-in design and are available in both standard configurations and with dimmers. Socket adapters and extensions are specified by lamp base, with choices such as mogul-medium, medium-medium, and mogul-mogul. Other Types...
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    Lamp Base
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  • Lighting Fixtures-Image
    Lighting Fixtures - (1668 companies)
    Lighting fixtures produce artificial light in industrial areas or workspaces.
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  • IC Sockets and Headers-Image
    IC Sockets and Headers - (218 companies)
    IC sockets and headers are board-mounted female connectors that serve as carriers for integrated circuit (IC) chips. Description. IC sockets and headers are board-mounted, female connectors that serve as carriers for integrated circuit (IC) chips...
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  • Ceramic Balls-Image
    Ceramic Balls - (70 companies)
    ...applications. Spring loaded balls are used in quick disconnect couplings or snap on fasteners and fastening systems. Socket wrenches often use this type of fastening mechanism to hold onto the socket. Ceramic balls are also used in float or level sensing...
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  • Relay Sockets-Image
    Relay Sockets - (159 companies)
    Relay sockets are devices that accept relays, electromechanical switches in which the variation of current in one electric circuit controls the flow of electricity in another circuit. Relay sockets accept electromechanical switches in which...
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    Ceramic Bearings - (101 companies)
    Ceramic hybrid bearings, the most common type of ceramic bearing, are constructed of steel inner and outer rings with ceramic (typically Si3N4) balls in place of steel. Common types of ceramic bearings are angular contact and conrad. Description...
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    Ceramic Fabrication Services - (264 companies)
    Ceramic fabrication services produce parts and assemblies made of ceramic or refractory materials for electrical, thermal, optical, wear and mechanical, or structural applications. In addition to applications and industries served, ceramic...
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    Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products - (183 companies)
    Ceramic tube and ceramic rod products are suitable for use in applications requiring high temperature strength, erosion resistance, electrical or thermal insulation, and other specialized characteristics. Description. Ceramic tube and ceramic rod...
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    Industrial Ceramic Materials - (408 companies)
    How to Select Industrial Ceramic Materials. Industrial ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic compounds that include oxides, carbides, or nitrides. They have high melting points, low wear resistance, and a wide range of electrical properties...
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    Ceramic Fiber Heaters - (71 companies)
    Flat ceramic fiber heaters consist of an iron-chrome-aluminum (ICA) heating element and a thick layer of ceramic fiber insulation within a non-curved housing. They are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common geometric shapes...
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  • Lamp Holder – Light Bulb Related Products – Grainger Industrial Supply
    Choose from porcelain and ceramic screw-in, single-pin and bi-pin styles. You’ll also find pulse-rated mogul -base light sockets and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp holders.
  • CR4 - Thread: Three And Two Pin Power Sockets
    We have sockets that look something like that here in the USA as well. This particular one is a ' mogul ' size (1.5" screw OD), but they also exist … This one looks like a good quality unit, with ceramic insulation (needed for that 750W rating); it's …
  • Thermally molded, ceramic cylinder tracks under mix ‐/ limit friction
    of Goetze (Federal mogul ) [8] common material systems represent for piston rings whereas the material system 71 … Ceramic material systems became on the institute for production technology of ceramic components of (IKFB) the university … The layer application occurs in both cases under axial feed of the coating aggregate or rotation of the cylinder run sleeve .
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  • Handbook of Electrical Design Details, Second Edition > LIGHTING, LAMPS, AND LUMINAIRES
    Other bulbs are coated by fusing a ceramic coating to their outer surfaces. Mogul screw-in-type bases with 1 1/2-in.-diameter bases are used on higher-wattage lamps … To insert the lamp in its socket , it must be pushed down against spring pressure with the …