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    Molding Machines - (384 companies)
    ...and lower capital costs. Metal injection molding machines perform a metal powder molding process that combines various materials. A metal injection molding machine combines the shape making capability of plastic injection molding with the material... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plastic Molding Services-Image
    Plastic Molding Services - (2768 companies)
    ...on machinery. Structural foam molding is used for parts that require thicker walls than standard injection molding. Compression molding provides services at both moderate tooling and part prices. Resin transfer molding (RTM) is a liquid molding process... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Mold and Die Change Equipment - (55 companies)
    ...molding, rotational molding, sand casting, thermoforming, and transfer molding. Mold making processes for metals include permanent mold casting, die casting, and die forging. Mold making processes for rubber and plastics include injection molding... Learn More
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    Rapid Prototyping Services - (911 companies)
    ...three-dimensional printing (3DP), selective laser sintering (SLS), ballistic particle manufacturing (BPM), rapid injection molding, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) molding, urethane casting, and other services. Polyjet (PJET) uses an application head... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Mold Making Services - (1749 companies)
    Mold making services design and build tooling and patterns for a variety of molding processes, including investment casting, permanent mold casting, sand casting, die casting, lost foam casting, powder metal, die forging, injection molding, blow... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Prototyping Services - (849 companies) models for machinery and industrial equipment. Rapid Prototyping. Rapid prototyping is the fabrication of prototype models using CAD or other design software programs to provide the part data. These services can produce prototypes for designs... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Vacuum Bagging and Infusion Equipment - (21 companies)
    Vacuum bagging equipment and vacuum infusion equipment is used during the manufacture of fiberglass and composite parts to remove air voids and better infuse the reinforcing cloth with resin. Learn More
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    Foundry Equipment and Supplies - (173 companies)
    ...induction furnace or a gas-heated crucible furnace. Foundry equipment and foundry supplies include materials and machines such as investment casting machines and injection molding machinery. Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, describes... Learn More
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    Banner and Flag Making Services - (291 companies)
    Banner and flag making services create custom flags and banners for promotional, educational, and sporting events; advertising and identification purposes; and civic, athletic, religious, and government organizations. Typically, banner and flag... Learn More
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    Sign and Plaque Making Services - (2037 companies)
    Sign and plaque making services provide standard and custom signs for applications such as interior plant communications, traffic control and safety, personnel routing, warning and caution signs, and other safety and security purposes. Sign... Learn More

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