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  • Metal Injection Molding of Co-28Cr-6Mo
    Metal injection molding of gas- and water-atomized Co-28Cr- 6Mo powders is evaluated. Sintering is conducted in different atmospheres to evaluate their effects on sintering response and carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen contents. The effects of hot isostatic pressing and heat treat on the mechanical
  • Mold Materials - Optimizing Aluminum Tools - 10/09
    that should be answered prior to treating the tool. Aluminum tooling is also becoming more popular in such applications as blow molds, R.I.M. molding, rubber molds, structural foam molds and R.T.M. molds due to new technologies and the development of aluminum mold plate, specifically designed for molding
  • Material and Process Selection, Controlling the Stretch, Industry Standards
    with the design and construction of a precision machined steel mold. This mold, or tool, consists of two or more steel plates into which the rubber is placed or injected. These plates are exposed to heat and pressure to cure the part. The exact mix of time, temperature and pressure depends on the molding
  • No stress nylon
    advantage: It can be processed from both pellets via melt-oriented processes such as extrusion, injection molding, and compression molding as well as cast where the monomer polymerizes in the aluminum mold cavity. This monomer casting has been used since the 1960s to produce stock rod, plate
  • Medical Device Link .
    of ejector plate assemblies inside the mold box. Both the first- and second-stage strokes can be set independently. An outsource developer and manufacturer of finished, disposable medical devices has injection molding capabilities for precision components. Thirteen facilities
  • Booklet available: Temperature Control By Means of Fluid Media
    in injection molding: Thermal design of injection molds; the use of temperature control units in die-casting dies; The influence of temperature control on the life of die-casting dies; Notes on the design of temperature control channels in die-casting dies, The use of temperature control units
  • Acrylic
    Acrylic thermoplastics are known for their crystal clarity and outstanding weatherability. They are available in cast sheet, rod, and tube; extruded sheet and film; and compounds for injection molding and extrusion. Cell-cast sheet is produced in several sizes and thicknesses. The largest sheets
  • Torque, Speed, and Yogurt Cups
    Two servomotors will drive a single shaft in what's billed as the world's largest trim-in-place thermoforming machine. The thermoformer, dubbed the FT14k, recently went to work for a company molding yogurt cups at a 140 cups/cycle rate. It incorporates an allelectric dual-action press designed

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  • Winkelstabile plate fixation to the bottom extremity
    Generally, LISS, a mold plate system , is used today (" less invasive stabilization system ").
  • Industrial casting of superalloys
    As may be expected, each system has comparative advantages and disadvantages, and the distinct volume advantage of the large mould plate system must be carefully weighed against the technical superiority of the small-bore furnace with reference to the component to be …
  • Pilon-tibiale-fractures
    Es ist derzeit unklar, ob  sich durch Anwendung einer "high-tech"-Chi- rurgie mit modernen, aber auch teuren win- kelstabilen Formplattensystemen oder den  intraoperativen Einsatz einer 3D-Bildgebung  die häufig unbefriedigenden Ergebnisse ver- bessern lassen.
  • Supply standards by distal Humerusfrakturen in the adult age
    Durch that winkelstabilen and new anatomically shaped plate systems as well as the elbow prostheses have postoperative results improved.
  • Drying and Energy Technologies
    The first experiment (Exp. 1) was performed in the real conditions of a casting- mould system ( plates thicknesses 16, 30 and 40 mm poured in the porous multi-component mould silica sand + active bentonite 7.0 % + coal dust 1.0 % …
  • The electrostatic field of a space charge. I
    … want that are each other parallel so, one became don't deal the convergence question don't suffice once at all konnen, point charges infinitely much regelmaBig arranged on the contrary wiirden by the most forms of such plate systems to interpret then the …
  • Injection molded solder technology for Pb-free wafer bumping
    Such alloy independence is already true for the rest of the IMS tooling, such as the mold plate transport system , alignment between mold plate and wafer, inspection stations, as well as various reflow furnaces.
  • New frameless patient positioning algorithm in conformal radiotherapy using 3D-data registration
    This method provides interesting results in tenris of accuracy but requires patient dedicated devices ( molded bite plate system ) for positioning.