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    The molecular sieve dehydration unit is an important process in any plant that uses natural gas as. a feed stock. These units are critical in drying natural gas and the processes that follow such as. the extraction of Natural Gas Liquids and the production of Liquefied Natural Gas. Switching
  • Particle Size Analysis of the Zeolite in Catalysis Industry (.pdf)
    sieve power and. molecular sieves (figure 2). its low cost. Its particles size has a big influence on. The zeolite, stable at very high temperature and. the productivity catalyst reaction. having very broad pores, opens new prospects. for the treatment for large molecules in particular. in. the. field
  • Foreline Traps
    Molecular sieve traps containing type 13X synthetic zeolite effectively prevent oil backstreaming and trap water vapors at room temperature.Type 13X zeolite will adsorb molecules with critical diameters up to 10 angstrom. The sieve charge can be reactivated by baking out in place when a base vacuum
  • Packaging Simulation Answers the Need for Speed
    By Adrian Possumato, Global Manager - Pharmaceutical Market, Multisorb Technologies Figure 1 shows the adsorption isotherms for a drug product (light blue line), a molecular sieve desiccant (red line) and a silica gel desiccant (dark blue line). The analysis would also have to calculate the surface
  • Medical Device Link .
    , molecular sieves are synthetic crystalline zeolites with a general formula of Myx/y[AlxSi1 xO2]. The 4A-zeolite in which the metal ion in this formula is sodium is the most widely used molecular sieve for IVDs. These 4A molecular sieves contain a network of interconnecting micropores
  • It's a gas, gas, gas
    permeate the membrane, most of the nitrogen flows along the membrane fiber in a separate stream. Pressure-swing adsorption gas separation adsorbs oxygen over nitrogen using a carbon-molecular sieve (CMS). Gas cylinders and dewars are becoming relics thanks to the advent of gas-generation systems
  • Measurement Solutions for Ethanol Producers
    . Whole. Grinding. Jet cooler. Enzymes. corn. Slurry. Mash. tank. cooling. Saccharification. continuous. or batch. Liquefaction. Yeast. 5%. fermentation. Ethanol. Water sources. Gasoline. 200 Proof. Drying. Denatured. Ethanol. Molecular sieves. final product. 200. Beer. Proof. Ethanol. Distillation
  • Chemical Sensor Could Enable New Ways To Monitor Pollutants
    . They made the filter out of a zeolite, one of a family of porous minerals that are used as water softeners, and to create gasoline from crude oil. Zeolites are often called cage-like solids or molecular sieves, Dutta explained, because the solid form has tiny container-like structures that can capture

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