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Are you ready to design a "molecular " machine? Software that is a distant cousin of conventional solidmodeling packages may turn today's designers into molecular engineers. A model of a worm drive assembly in NanoEngineer-1 comprises 11 components totaling 25,374 atoms, with different colors...

Germany) collaborates with bioinformatics software providers to optimize analysis, distribution, and exploitation of computational biology data. Systems are designed to let researchers rapidly search local and remote databases, identify trends and areas of focus, visualize molecular models, and exchange...

...curves for monodispersed polyethylene of molecular weight 475,000 at a temperature of 348K. The top curve shows entanglement spacing of 1900, in which fracture occurs; the bottom curve shows an entanglement spacing of 3800. For other parameters, the simulation offers insights that would be hard...

...the limitations of FE models. Biological structures such as bone, ligaments, tendons and cartilage have highly complex mechanobiology. The biological interactions at the cellular and molecular levels have not been incorporated into conventional bone implant models. Because bone density and architecture varies...

...approximately 90 exhibitors as well as a wide-ranging and comprehensive conference. Dozens of papers were presented, some of which addressed life science issues. Trends in drug delivery, molecular imaging, implant coatings, and the development of nanocomposite and ceramic materials were touched on by Ineke...

...this week. "Synthetic biology " is the blanket term for a multidisciplinary attempt to identify a class of standard operational components that can be assembled into functioning molecular machines. Statistical timing can boost IC performance, panelists say If IC designers had statistical timing tools...

...or too low temperature, lignin may precipitate back onto the fibres. Too high concentration of primarily high molecular weight lignin also may cause back precipitation. The kappa number then will go up, and this lignin seems to be more difficult to remove again in the bleach plant, according to some...

...with conventional mouldings, cannot be applied to micromoulding. Conventional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solvers, based on Euler and Navier-Stokes models lose accuracy when considering microscale flows. The continuum assumptions on which they are based become less valid and molecular effects... function. To learn what it takes to successfully integrate proteins into a dry substance such as plastic, Garde and his graduate student Lu Yang use molecular dynamics simulations to create a computer model of the proteins and study the molecules in both watery and nonwatery environments... involves two steps: initial physical. absorption of the molecular species followed by dissociation of a portion of the molecular species into. ionic components. At equilibrium, the degree of dissociation is governed by. [HS−]×[H +] = Keq = f. H S. (T only). [H S. 2. 2. ]. [HCO− × H + = Keq...

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Interactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Software NAMD Download User's Guide Mailing List Software VMD Molecular Graphics Viewer

Software NAMD Download User's Guide Mailing List

Jmol: an open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D
The Amber package of molecular simulation programs Free, open-source software licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License

Accelrys - Scientific Enterprise Software for Chemical...
Modeling & Simulation Data Management & Informatics
See Accelrys, Inc. Information

Bioinformatics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
information and computation theory, software engineering, data mining, image processing, modeling and simulation, discrete mathematics, control and

Category:Application software - Wikipedia, the free...
Application software may be general purpose (word processing, web browsers, ...) or have a specific purpose (accounting, truck scheduling, ...).

NEMO Stellar Dynamics Toolbox
NEMO is an extendible Stellar Dynamics Toolbox, following an Open-Source Software model.

Life & Material Sciences applications
AMBER [LS -(Molecular simulation package) UCSF, The Scripps Research Institute

Folding@home - Software
- Folding@home: Worldwide distributed computing (client software binary) - MSMBuilder: Simulate and analyze long timescale dynamics - OpenMM: A

NASA GISS: Software Tools
This page provides links to several self-contained, downloadable software products and tools which have been developed by GISS personnel, either for

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