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  • Switch Tips: Photointerrupter switches
    thermal constraints. Switches based on photointerrupters have no contacts, no lubricant, and only one spring. The switching action takes place by depressing a button that interrupts the optical path between an infrared LED and a photodiode or phototransistor. This provides a momentary "low
  • Mechanical Switches
    . Manual switches can have one or a combination of switching actions. In momentary-action switches, the operator pushes (pushbutton or toggle) or twists (rotary) the actuating device and contacts move to transfer the circuits to the second set of contacts. When the actuating force is removed
  • Medical Device Link .
    enables a designer to place an LED directly behind the dome rather than off to one side. The result is a more intense lighting effect. The BL-series units are four-legged momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a PC board or membrane, become normally open tactile switches