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  • Belting Basics: Monofilament Fabric
    Monofilament: "Any single filament of man-made fiber, usually of a denier higher than 14. Instead of a group of filaments being extruded through a spinneret to form a yarn, monofilaments generally are spun individually.". The first use of monofilament fibers in lightweight conveyor belting fabrics
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    for these clinical trials is currently being established. This update on filtration technology highlights the opportunities offered by monofilament fabrics. Digital Flow Sensors: Reaching New Levels U. Kanne and C. Sauvain Microchips that combine sensor technology with digital. MDT June 2006. Skip to : [Content
  • Steady State Pressing II
    structures were utilized primarily in seamed press fabrics. The reason was that the single monofilament yarn was used to form a loop within the press fabric structure, allowing for a pintle to be inserted through these loops, thus seaming (i.e., closing and connecting) the fabric directly on the paper
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    \. Magazines \. Medical Device Technology. Originally Published MDT June 2006 MARKET PLACE. Filtration Solutions. This update on filtration technology highlights the opportunities offered by monofilament fabrics. Principles of filtration. Medical filters utilise different types of filter media
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    that have been used in orthopedics for many years. A woven metal fabric, made from a monofilament nitinol wire. The fabric was annealed to maintain a uniform pore size throughout. Braided-cord fabrics can range in diameter from 1.5 to 5 mm and are designed to minimize elongation and creep over time
  • Medical Device Link . Technology news
    of monofilament polyester and nylon filter fabrics. It is our view that a practical evaluation of filtration performance is more reliable than theoretical measures of the mesh aperture that are currently in use," he adds. Norbert Sparrow Back to the September table of contents | Back to the EMDM
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    small pore sizes to resist a wide range of inorganic and organic chemicals. A PEEK monofilament fabric introduced by Sefar America Inc. is suitable for drying applications where temperature resistance, light weight, flexibility, and performance in chemically corrosive environments are required
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    , with a lower density than nylon, should have a higher stiffness, assuming all other factors are equal. In addition, a trilobal or tubular structure produces a stiffer product than does a solid circular structure of the same area or linear density. Monofilament materials are much stiffer than
  • Dryer clothing
    of the low vacuum at the suction guide roll. Such low permeability dryers can also be produced on weaving looms using different monofilament profiles and weave patterns. The fabric thickness here is between 1.3 and 1.7 mm. With Geschmays SpiralFlex technology today, these permeabilities are achieved
  • Pretensioning Lightweight Belting
    and not slip on the drive pulley when the system is turned on. On systems without much take up room, monofilament belts are often used. The monofilament constructions offer less stretch issues than standard type PVC and rubber constructions. When the pretensioned belts are then loaded, small