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  • New Saccharide Derived Monomers and Their Use in Water Treatment Polymers
    Carbohydrates ranging from monosaccharides to large oligosaccharides were functionalized with a single polymerizable a-methyl styryl group using reductive amination as the key synthetic step. These new monomers were then copolymerized with acrylic acid to give water treatment polymers with pendent
  • BSA Monomer-Dimer Elucidation with the BI-MwA (.pdf)
    Aggregation kills. Aggregated therapeutic proteins can provoke immune response and have reduced therapeutic effect. This has led to regulatory and industrial interest in identifying aggregates for elimination. Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC/GPC) has been a useful technique for the determination
  • Plastics that perform
    are the basic building blocks of plastics. Through the process of polymerization, monomers combine to create chemical chains called polymers. Polymerization usually takes place under heat and/or pressure. The term homopolymer refers to a polymer made from a single monomer. Copolymers come from two
  • The On-Line Detection of Oxides of Nitrogen in Light Hydrocarbon Streams
    Producers of high purity monomers (ethylene) have identified the. need to measure the presence of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) at very. low PPB levels, and take steps to avoid potentially hazardous. conditions, in the Cold Box. The On-Line Detection of Oxides of Nitrogen in Light Hydrocarbon Streams
  • Medical Device Link .
    of (co)monomer. The mechanical properties are strongly influenced by the (co)monomers, for example, poly(acrylonitrile-co-styrene) has an E modulus of 3.9 GPa. PAN is soluble in DMF and NMP. PAN is mostly used nowadays for textiles and the preparation of carbon fibres. Membranes of PAN have been
  • No stress nylon
    .-diameter cavity in the steel casting that is part of every freight car bogey. Reaction-injection molding (RIM) combines two lowviscosity liquid streams consisting of a reaction catalyst and initiators (containing mostly monomer) inside the mold. The resultant polymer grows in molecular weight
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
    between polymeric chains in a conventional, thermosetting rubber); the other monomer develops the soft, or amorphous segment, which contributes the rubbery characteristic. Properties can be controlled by varying the ratio of the monomers and the lengths of the hard and soft segments. Block techniques
  • Iwaki MDM Eliminates Noxious Fumes - Tankers Unloading
    Hydroxypropyl Acrylates: Used in the industrial production of acrylate polymers for lacquers and artificial resins, and as a co-monomer in adhesives, elastomers, inks, and oil additives. Exposure to HPA & its vapors is known to be; corrosive to eyes, a respiratory allergen and skin irritant. It has

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